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Moving head changes frequency of every day sounds

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I have just noticed that if I move my head a little bit when I'm sitting the frequency of that sound gets high pitch and louder until I put my head back.does any one else have this problem.?I'm just thinking I could have nerve damage to my neck and that's what could be causing my tinnitus.

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You're right in thinking problems with the neck can trigger tinnitus. It's not uncommon for people to be able to change the tones of their tinnitus (or sometimes even quieten it right down) my moving the muscles of their face or neck - it's called somatic tinnitus.

It's not uncommon for people to be able to change the tones of their tinnitus (or sometimes even quieten it right down) my moving the muscles of their face or neck - it's called somatic tinnitus.

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Hi, I do think I have this because if I stretch my tongue out I can make the pitch higher in left ear.but not just my tinnitus but every day sounds go a different pitch especially things like sitting at the desk and I move my head my computer changes sound completely until I put my head back to the you know what treatment is used for this nic?my tinnitus is always grand until afternoon time or evening then it gets loud.


I have nerve damage in my neck and have the same problem . If I told run my head to the left it screams even louder .

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Michael8272 in reply to Herb123

Hi herb, yes I seem to have same problem.if I was sitting at my desk and move my head slightly I can make the computer sound go high pitched.its not my tinnitus, it's more every day sounds but I can change tinnitus if I put my jaw forward, I wonder if that is this the same thing you have?where you diagnosed with nerve damage and do you know of any treatment for this?I do have ear fullness off and on since the summer but I think this is sinus related. The whole thing is a disaster

Glad to hear others support the idea that there is a connection between the nerves in the neck and T.

Doctors fight you on this until you push them. They then say there is nothing that can be done.

20 years ago, by brother had fusion of c-5 c-6. It took his T away. My neurologists won’t recommend it because they can’t promise it will work.

To me, my stenosis looks pretty bad, but they say”better leave it alone”.

Any advice on this one?

Hi, I definitely do believe that there is a all sort of links into my problem,at work about a year and a half ago they got security monitors put on the wall and since I work them, I constantly was looking up high, then six months after they were installed I get tinnitus and sore necks.i did have alot of wax in ears aswel but I'm starting to think my neck is causing the problem because it's just strange that by moving my neck slightly every day sounds change. I would really like advice from anyone on this? Your doctors don't want to know.

Hi Michael I am convinced mine is due to damaged nerves but GP won’t accept this just say it’s tinnitus learn to live with it. Over a year ago I jarred my neck on left side the next day had pulsating and noises which seem to be at back of neck. Wish doctors would take this serious because surely there’s something that can help calm nerves down. Sorry to go on but feel so frustrated that it might be helped. I also have rheumatism in my neck .

Hi, it good for all of us on here to have a rant and share views about this horrible condition. Thanks

I have somatic tinnitus too. My tinnitus sound is always there but gets louder if I bite down hard, press firmly down around (especially in front of) my ear, or turn or tilt my head. I was looking at some You Tube talks by an audiologist who was explaining some audiology testing and how hearing works from a neurological standpoint. I contacted him to ask him if he could explain how somatic tinnitus worked (I am an ophthalmologist and even with my medical background I can not make sense of the nerve pathways involved) He was kind enough to reply and sent me a link to this article. It does not really explain the neuro pathways but does mention that TMJ (temporal mandibular joint ) problems are sometimes involved (I do not have TMJ problems). You may find it interesting.

It is

Turns out a somatic component to tinnitus is quite common.

At least someone is trying to figure it out.....

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Michael8272 in reply to Elaine3

Hi elaine, thanks for the reply and is good there are people looking for a cure.i don't know if I have tmj either. My chiropractor did say my left side was slightly out but nothing major. The search goes on.thanks for that

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