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Ear infections tinnitus

Had a very bad upper respiratory infections. Caused mid ear infections. Suddenly it causes my right ear to have tinnitus. May I ask will it go away after some time? Is very annoying

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I had that it’s going on 2 months now. It’s caused by an antibiotic ototoxic do see an ENT pls


hi John,

It might go away if your condition is resolved. Statistics indicate that the longer you have it, the more likely it will be permenant, if there is such a thing as permanent tinnitus. IVe been searching for my cure for 20 years, and have found many uncelebrated recovery stories.

I wish more attention was given to those cases, in an effort to better treat people who are still dealing with it.

At least you seem to know the cause.

P.S. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate those cells. Be careful not to overuse ibeprophyn because it is known to trigger tinnitus.


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