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Bone conduction headphones

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Does anyone use these new-fangled headphones and if so, can you tell us how you're getting on with them?

I have until very recently worked in a call-centre, taking calls all day via a headset. My assumption was that this wasn't a particularly sensible idea, with a hearing impairment and raging tinnitus. I've now managed to get myself re-assigned to a different role, no longer on the phones, but in the 2wks since starting, my T has gone absolutely crackers again. I'm guessing that now that my ears aren't being kept busy for most of the day, they're at leisure to bring Mr T out to play. I've got the general hubbub and background noise from the rest of the office and I'm sat next to an open window with the ambient noise from city life, but it's not enough to drown out the racket in my head.

I'm thinking now I could wear headphones whilst working, to listen to rainfall / birdsong / whatever, but as I wear BTE HA's, neither earplugs or regular headphones are really suitable, hence my eye is being drawn to these done conduction headphones.

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Hi Ruud1boy, your email was quite humorous. It’s amazing what brings out the Tinnitus.... I have just been to see the movie .. a star is born , great movie, but very loud. I have a Cochlear implant and hearing aid in the other ear. I really like blue tooth headphones, but am keen to try the bone conductor ear phones. If you get any response or try them out yourself, can you please let me know. I live in hope that one day someone brilliant will come up with something. We live in hope. Don’t think there is much research in Australia though

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