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Herring aids both nhs and private

Had my aids about four weeks now. when I first got them I absolutely hated them they were uncomfortable and the noise was so weird. At first I tried private ones with white noise built in. Also they were smaller and more comfortable but unfortunately couldn’t afford the £1800 so after a weeks trial I had to hand em back. Im not that hard of hearing I struggle with high pitch not surprisingly as I suffer with T in both ears badly. But I must admit they do help me through the day time it sort of splits the sounds from the one that’s real and my scream. But they do help and I’d never thought I’d say that. Still hard work a times though. Keep well all.

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Hi, They are weird first of all I must agree. Like yourself my tinnitus is high pitched and I was fitted a couple of months back but just one (nhs) without any masking noise built in which has helped to some degree.

I went back today to my ENT hospital for a follow appointment to see how I was doing. I was hoping to be fitted with a masking type to see if this improved things further but they suggested I continue with the normal type.

Do you notice that your tinnitus increases a short while after you take them out? I remove mine each night and notice the tinnitus volume goes up steadily in about 10mins! I then use a noise generator for the night and this calms things down again, but I I seem to wake every day with a shocking headache which usually vanishes during the morning so I am experimenting with different sounds on the sound machine top see if this is the cause. This was the reason they suggested I don't have a masker type hearing aid as the background noise would possibly give me more headaches?

Good luck with yours and I hope they improve things for you


Hi Neal yer your right in what you’re saying but if you feel you want to try something don’t let them fob you off always go with your gut feeling even if it doesn’t work well what the hell we’ve nothing to lose. Keep a hold lad


Thanks! - They are sending me for hearing therapy next which I believe is to try different techniques to cope with the tinnitus, so I will give this a go first and mention to them what they think about a masker - take care



I've been wearing my NHS aids for nearly a year now and the best I can say is that they don't do any harm to the T. I've been starting to see some improvements in my tinnitus - the fabled habituation - and I have to assume that the HA's have contributed to this. I've had it for 10yrs+, but the 'troublesome' phase started in Oct '16, so it's 16mths before I started seeing the green shoots of recovery.

I was really reluctant to wear the HA's at first, but I wouldn't want to be without them now.

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