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Hearing Aids

Hi all, I have been given hearing aids to try and help with my T, there is one major problem, I am allergic to them! I have a severe allergy problem with anything "man made" plastics being the worst(among some other allergies,latex,elastic etc,I had a severe reaction to WD40 once which resulted in anaphylaxis.) the piece that goes into my ear is hard plastic and makes my ears itch and swell which made them bleed,which in turn made my T a lot worse.I'll be "celebrating" my 35th year of living with T this year,so hearing aids might have helped,who knows,I certainly won't.

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Hello there

Do have a word with your audiologist about what you can do to your aids in order to still be able to wear them. Tubes are available in different materials, and I know some people cover the behind the ear piece to prevent irritation.

Don't give up on something that will benefit you - there are ways around it!

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)


Thank you for your kind reply


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