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On top of the tinnitus I have lost vision in my left eye

4 months ago I started losing the peripheral vision in my left eye. It has only gotten worse and I can’t see peoples’ faces if they are a foot to the left of me, even if they are near me. :’( Field tests confirmed loss of peripheral vision. I have an appointment on 7th December. Why? :’( My vision is SO important to me. I don’t want to be a burden on people. Hearing impairment and visual impairment. </3 Heartbroken to say the very least.

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This is horrendous, what you are suffering. Do you know if you will be having an MRI scan.

I have no idea why you have such severe tinnitus and now vision loss. Have they taken blood tests yet?

I hope you get diagnosed very soon and there is some treatment that will help.

Thinking of You xxx


Your loss of peripheral vision could be due to intraocular pressure which can lead to glaucoma. I was diagnosed with IOP in 1994 when I was age 47. I had laser surgery on both eyes and since 2011 have been using drops to help keep the pressures down.

If this is the same in your case, it is treatable - they can`t retrieve the sight you have lost but can prevent if from going any worse. You need to be seen at a Hospital Eye Clinic. Usually an optician woud do you a referral for this.



I would love to know the outcome for Jasmine. Apart from Glaucoma, which I also have (controlled) retinitis pigmentosa will also cause loss of peripheral vision. There are exciting new developments for this condition, but still not available to the general public. Glaucoma can normally be controlled for life, once discovered, with drops. If necessary, stents can also be used. In almost all cases of glaucoma, once discovered, remaining peripheral vision can be preserved.


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