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19 with tinnitus

Hello all!

I am 19 and have tinnitus since June 2017. At that point in my life, I was just over an extended stressful period (which my body did not respond to well as stress manifested in a few ways through my body), and my boyfriend went on vacation for a month which also stressed me out because I always worry about safety. I have an anxiety disorder, and OCD as well. At this point, I was also on my third acne medication (first was doxycycline, next minocycline, and lastly accutane). It was when I started taking accutane that a slight ringing in my right ear began. I went to the doctor twice, no underlying cause found at the time. It was really only noticeable during very quiet times and maybe when I was trying to go to sleep. Well, as of very recently it has changed into a static buzzing/humming in both ears, primarily the left. Maybe a tad louder, but still manageable. I have started taking zinc tablets because I have read that it can help.

Here are my questions:

Is it possible for tinnitus to clear up ever?

In my case, would you think that stress caused the onset?

Are there any treatments that you would suggest?

Thank you so much

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Hi Cruncher and welcome though I am so sorry that you seem to be suffering. This is only a brief reply as I am tired and shortly off to bed. As you have had tinnitus for a short time it is possible that your tinnitus will go ...... try to keep calm. Read through the many posts on here and you will find sound advice. Sleep well, and I will re-read your post tomorrow and try to give you my support. You are not alone and things will get better. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

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Thank you so much for the reply; I just have to keep calm and not overthink it. This made me feel better :)


to Cruncher .... stress certainly brought on my awareness of tinnitus - but it looks as though yours might have been made worse by the acne medications. I'm an obsessive too - so I try to keep my brain otherwise occupied, when the tinnitus recedes into the background. Every best wish to you.

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Thank you for your response; I have to keep myself occupied because otherwise I will go nuts! So far I am ok though. I was thinking acne meds made it worse too


Nice to hear that you have been encouraged by the replies - whatever our problems, negative thoughts and habits don't help do they. Your having anxiety and stress will not help - perhaps talk to your GP about medication. From family history I do know that anti depressants do help to manage OCD, which is again a very stressful condition. If your tinnitus doesn't settle, no doubt your GP will refer you to audiology for hearing tests - hearing aids and maskers certainly help many of us.

Stay strong, you will be ok; I didn't believe I would survive getting T but I have! Love, Angela xx


Thank you again Angela; I got so distressed but the last day has been a bit more hopeful. I found out my grandfather has it too and he doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it, which was reassuring. You are right, I will be ok :)

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