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Great day at work

Great day at work

Hi guys

As you can see from my photo I'm into one of my relaxation modes to calm the 'T' 👌

Joined the group today to hopefully bring a little sunshine back

Into people's lives. I've only had 'T' for six months and for the past three I haven't allowed it to take overall control. In fact I've learned how to greatly calm and at times silence it for hours on end.

My first mistake was to browse online for that disillusional quick fix. I'm no Einstein but I'm neither a div. if all these magic tablets work ENT would be dispensing them like there was no tomorrow.

My second mistake was to dismiss Julian Cowan hills appraisal on utube. I'm 100mph so the thought of learning the art of relaxation to counteract 'T' didnt seem ideal. However, I began to take note. After all, he had more expertise on the subject than any ENT physician I have so far encountered on the NHS.

I was told I had damaged nerve cure. Masking the noise, was all in all, my only alternative. Not good! I'm just going from one sound to another. Stress levels did the tinnitus.

I gave julians theory a go. I laid in a quiet room with a hand on my heart. In my attempt to relax i realised how the pounding didn't seem to be......... normal. The central nervous system was indeed under stress influenced by the symptom.

I played the frequency noise that I hear through my head phones and calmed my breathing. Not easy because of the stress, but once you get there it's easier the second time around because you know it's going to help. I found the sound became less intrusive and at times disappears for hours on end. In other words your stress is the volume controller of your 'T' nothing else!!!

Prime example. On my car journey to work the 'T' soon rises into the journey. Once I enlighten it drops. If I didn't have tinnitus I wouldn't have known of how much the central nervous system takes on board.

The titinnus clinic has some sort of neuro gadget that cost £4500 to listen to whatever for six to nine months. Each to their own but In my opinion I do truly believe you can master this with your own therapy. If not a therapist....bloody lot cheaper.

My aim is to eventually have no 'T' and I'm finding that quite believable to where I was 6mths ago.

On a personal note my grandmother had 'T' until the day she died 20 years ago. As a young man I used to dismiss her woes as I had no understanding of her anguish. Today I hope she's looking down feeling a lot more proud of me in trying to help others.

God bless you all


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Whacky you are an inspiration and I love your photo.


Thanks mate 😀 Got a day off work today so it's a chill out in the garden with a few 🍻🍻🍻 while Inbetween time listening and putting a few bets on at ascot. Put a score on the favourite le-Brivido on the first race............ Bloody expensive way of keeping ones mind distracted but cheers 🍸Anyway

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