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Does Exercise help with Tinnitus

I was interested to read a couple of posts on tinnitus sufferers who exercise regularly & the effects it has on their tinnitus. I was advised in the gym on the treadmill that can affect you tinnitus depending on if you speed walk or jog or run I used to go to the gym but I must confess I just don't have the motivation to go I do walk my dog most days and keep busy I have done yoga but finding a class for seniors there doesn't seem to be many to cater for the elders anyhow if any of you exercise regularly it may spur me on to go back to the gym. David

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Hi David,

You carnt beat walking out in the fresh air and listening to nature sounds etc.

I would recommend a perdomiter and monitor how far you walk and give your self a nice treat when you do well x


Hi David, yea, I think the more active I can be, the better sleeping is, and being able to deal with things. walking is great - and tai chi !



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