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Bronchiectasis and acid reflux


Newish to Bronch so learning still. I also have GORD acid reflux.

Spoke first time to consultant who suggested a link between the reflux and Bronchiectasis. She said take Omeprazole to avoid reflux into lungs! Its made me worry as I read Omep can cause long term problems.

Does anyone else have this combination and can share what you do and advice?

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I don't really have the exact same experience, but will relate what has happened to me regarding Omeprazole.

Several years ago I was otherwise fit and healthy, but suffered with very bad acid reflux. My GP prescribed Omeprazole to take before evening meal, as reflux was so bad at night. This worked and everything was fine.

Then six years ago I suffered sudden breathing problems after a virus. After respiratory tests got nowhere, I was referred to chest clinic. The consultant there wanted to try me on double the Omeprazole (twice a day), but I didn't really understand why. At the same time he had many blood tests done, and a couple of months later I was sent to Rheumatology, where I was diagnosed with vasculitis, which had damaged my lungs, causing the aurflow obstruction, and later Bronchiectiasis. Was prescribed steroids and I believe that they contributed to a sudden fracture of vertebrae a month later, although I must say that they are essential for me. Diagnosed with osteoporosis. It was while I was at an osteo support group that I was told that Omeprazole is harmful to the absorption of calcium. So I reduced my Omeprazole dose back to one a day. This was approved of by my doctors , and continues to this day.

Taking one before dinner saves me such aggro with the acid reflux in the night, and while everything else remains stable I'm happy enough. I have regular blood tests for several things, and feel this is essential, to monitor what's going on.

My rheumatologist has to do a juggling act with all my medications, and it's not easy.

Greenfingers20 in reply to May7

Thanks May. I was worried at side effects of osteo as I have osteoarthritis already.Perhaps 1 at night will be OK. But there doesn't appear to be any research for Bronch and acid reflux! One paper stated there was no evidence of improvement except where patients had high BMI-- not stating measure though. I'm overweight category-on a diet!

RoadRunner44 in reply to May7

Hi, I was advised by a new young doctor to try to decrease omaprazole from 20mg to 10mg.I suffer with bronchiectasis and have been taking these capsules for 10 years. I managed to come down very slowly over 6 months and have been fine up until a week ago when I had a flare up. My doctor suggested I increase the dose again. Knowing the problems attached to long term use of Omaprazole I managed to deal with the flare up using Gaviscon extra and stayed on 10mg. A doctor friend advised me that there were safer options to Omaprazole and recommended I ask my doctor to prescribe Tagamet for me to try. I will be contacting my doctor and hope to try these tablets soon.

May7 in reply to RoadRunner44

I use Gaviscon when the need arises, which is quite rare for really bad reflux, but as a precaution at bed time when I've overindulged.

Greenfingers20 in reply to May7

Thanks again May! Yes that's a good plan!

Thank you. That has confirmed my fears, I hope the Tagsmet are ok.

I think we all have to be proactive regarding our welfare. After all we only have one life and want to enjoy it in as comfortable a way as possible.

So true. Gone are days of dependence on GP or hospital staff. There are too few and too busy for personal service. Covid has exposed this so much. I have to tell my GP what I need- referral outstanding currently that I'll chase later this weekI also check BNF and NICE guidance for correct treatments

I'd be interested to know how you get on after you do your checks. It helps If you are fullly informed about your condition when you speak to doctors and other medical people. Cheers

My cough was neglected by GPs for 8mths-told it was a 'tickly cough'! I persisted so a locum sent me for an x-ray that showed a lung shadow. 2wk referral I had a CT Scan diagnosed Bronchiectasis. I looked up BLF guidance and told my GP I needed antibiotics plus emergency pack.CT also showed Renal problem so asked GP to refer for Ultrasound after looking at NICE guidance. Found hydronephrosis. No action from GP-Resp Consultant has flagged it again. I have pelvic radiation disease affects bowel so maybe that for bladder. PRDA_UK are helping me now asking GP to refer me to specialist in PRD at Guys-will have to chase GP again.

Long wait for Respiratory Consultant due to Covid-spoke this week, she's not impressed at lack of treatment. Referring me to Respiratory physio.

Too much all at once! Very anxious. I wish we had more combination community clinics to avoid going all over the place and relying on overworked GPs

Forgot to mention Respiratory Consultant has written to GP in how to treat Bronchiectasis and the specific blood tests he needs to order for me. I'll be chasing this too-Im giving him a week first.Like blood from a stone!

Well, what a situation to find yourself Greenfingers. It really is disgraceful, the way you have been treated by your GP. I think I would have lost confidence in him/her by now. Would you not consider changing doctors? You are obviously very capable and realised you had push for everything you needed but others are not always as capable and will fall through the net. Adnittedly trying to get things sorted at the moment has its difficulties but I was recently sent a letter from the hospital arranging a phone conversation with a new "Highly Specialised Physiotherapist". I spoke with her for over an hour yesterday and found her excellent. My confidence was restored by the end of the phone call. Hopefully this is the start of getting back to some sort of normality.

Anyway, keep on track and let me know how you get on.


Chrys x

Thanks Chrys. After being a 'well' person apart from cancer 15 yrs ago, it has been quite overwhelming to suddenly find I have issues in lungs and possibly kidneys too. I will change GPs once the pandemic is over, but in all honesty none of the practices near me have very good ratings. Sometimes it's the devil you know - at least I have the confidence to challenge mine as I know what he's like. The 2 best GP partners retired at the beginning of Covid. I have yet to find out about the others now in the practice as reception pass my emails to my allocated GP.

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