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I am on symbicort 400 for asthma/bronchiectasis,I take 3 puffs daily,every time I take a dose I cough for about 10 mins &bring up clear phlegm,I was thinking of asking doctor if I could be changed from symbicort to advair,was wondering if anyone found advair to have less side effects...

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Hi primrose 123 I have only been taking Qvar-easybreathe inhaler for my Bronchiectasis/Asthma so can't comment on any other inhalers sorry I couldn't be more helful regards Maugie


Do you find the Qvar inhaler makes you cough Mauge?


No to be honest the cough has more or less disappeared since I started on Qvar which I am so thankful for its so embarrassing when you are on public transport or in the theatre or cinema but I have a lot more mucus than before - Maugie


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