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hi all i cant stop panicking about this i have not been told for 100% that i have asthma just that was nearly over to mark for them to class you as my docs even told me they just cant rule out dont or i do and just that i have take treatment and go back in 4 weeks im panicking every min of day that something going to happen i nearly phoned 999 other night felt tight chested and my parent went mad said it panic attack and calmed down i was ok i have anixty really bad iv been like this all year on and off with breathing and wheezing but yet again every time my chest all clear only on Wednesday my chest was clear my og was good my heart was good its my nose sometime whats makes noises and sometimes my throat but thinking it was anixty now im thinking it all be asthma and its bad cause it not been controlled all theses years but my family tell im ok and its mainly anixty with me and that if doc cant tell me weather i do or i dont says its not bad anyway even if i do i get a tickle in my throat i freak out i just sit all day scared to do anything its bad enough anixty without his 3 docs have said i might have asthma other said i nearly met the Cretina but i dint and other day they cant rule out i do or i dont so my partner says it could just be mild which when i asked the doc if it could be mild she said yes so why do i feel scared i have two children i lost my mum and dad at the my age of 16 and 19 its nighttime and im upset im in bed just feeling it coming on i was in bath and was belly breathing then next min i felt i could t breath anymore within 5 mins it had passed with no inhaler im on blue n brown inhaler 2 puffs 2 times a day brown morning n night which i am taking my partner say i have been worse since finding out my throat tight which doc said is anixty my partner dad and 2 sisters have asthma and his sisters is bad since birth she had lung problems ever since and she carry on like normal why cant i all i keep thinking is all year it could of be asthma and it not been controlled only blue inhaler which i had in jan and didn't have till aug again and iv had episodes where my breathing was bad out of no where makes me think it even more that it was not anixty a few time in the car once sat waiting for tea and few other could they have been asthma attacks my partner says no i thought about and panic kicked in made it worse he said if i was bad or not controlled i would be class as asthmatic just from the results due to they would be a lot higher if the inhaler helped my lungs that much and not trilling treatment now im on medication im scared its late the damage is done but no one understands i feel alone and sad my throat is constantly tight liked it closed everyday i eat and drink use my inhaler but still my throat time i panic im reacting to inhaler even tho i used it for months no problem and i take deep breaths but still feels tight all i keep do is clearing my throat and coughing stuff up my nose runs for no reason i was treated for nose problems not long ago as they thought i had inflammation in nose area had a nasle spray with steroids in it

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