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My husband has decompensated liver, he has stopped drinking completely,

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He was in hospital for 4 weeks, extremely ill, he's out now and doing ok, he's lost almost 4 stone but is eating healthy and no alcohol, he has had endoscopy and has PHG, no bleeding and small varices,His odema has gone down so well!

Am so worried though , we have kids and I'm so scared!


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I was in that position in March 2021. I’d managed to go into acute on chronic liver failure triggered by a deep rooted infection. After many years of heavy drinking my liver had given up the ghost and I was incredibly sick. I was in hospital for 5 weeks - for a couple of days my family had been told that I may not pull through, but my body somehow managed to and I was finally discharged with a bagful of drugs, a discharge package of carer help 3 times a day and the input of an alcohol support worker. I stopped drinking on admission and haven’t touched a drop since. Strangely I’ve had no cravings and my abstinence is now something which is a new normal for me. I’d lost a huge amount of weight, had no muscle mass and couldn’t walk unaided. Roll forward 21 months and with a good diet, no alcohol and a two mile run everyday, I’m well. I take no medication, work and feel better than I have in years. My eyes and skin are clear, no puffiness caused by alcohol and many who haven’t seen me in a while can’t believe the transformation. I look 10 years younger. That hospital admission saved my life in more ways than getting out of the place alive. I stopped drinking...and haven’t looked back. Now I still have cirrhosis and the liver is an unpredictable organ but I’ve come to discover pretty resilient. If he follows the doctors, dieticians and GPs advice, keeps away from alcohol (crucially) eats correctly and exercises then he stands every chance of living a normal life. I get a bit tired if I do too much but apart from that have no symptoms. Hopefully he’ll be the same. There are many on the forum in the same position as me and my consultant tells me he has many on his books like me. I still have a six monthly ultrasound and blood screen...but if you walked passed me on the street you’d have no idea I’d been as ill as I was. Take each day as it comes..try not to worry and let his liver do the rest.

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Tulip1973 in reply to Aotea2012

Thankyou so much for replying!Am so happy your well!! This gives me hope!He has a liver consultation over the phone on 16 Dec

He has had a endoscopy and ultrasound, can't believe the liver team haven't seen him sooner to be honest since he's been discharged .

His family think he's fine now cos he's lost weight etc, I

I don't think they realise how serious this is!

I've tried to explain the difference from compensated to decompensated? They don't understand!

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VickiSpence in reply to Tulip1973

Ditto. Was in intensive care for 11 days July 2021. Got out of there weak and frail. But through lots of healing and taking care of myself, last yearly endoscopy showed no change in varices, and my bloods are in range. Thought after an ultrasound I might have had portal vein thrombosis, but that was determined false by the CT. Hanging in there! Not running 2 miles a day yet. Lol.

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I myself was diagnosed with decompensated cirrhosis 15 months ago through many years of drinking, smoking and neglecting my body. I was also in hospital , had many tests done and by stopping drinking and smoking, exercising regularly and eating healthy I have managed to lose weight and feel a lot healthier. My eyes and complection look normal and people say how well I look. My consultant told me in my previous phone consultation that I have done well and by looking at my bloods it shows that my liver had healed although the scarring will always remain but I am doing all the right things to help me live a normal life. The liver is a remarkable organ and as long as he doesn't feed it with the horrible toxins I'm sure he too will get to live a normal life . There are also many different help and support plans available to guide you and your family in the best possible direction. I hope all goes well. All the best.

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