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Hi. Had a scan today. Radiographer said there's a lesion on my cirrhotic liver.

Will be more testing.

Has anyone had a lesion on a cirrhotic liver here πŸ€”


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Yes, my hubby has twice now had to have an MRI following his routine 6 monthly scans because of lesions showing up on the u/s. On both occasions these lesions have turned out to just be more cirrhotic tissue that was denser than the surrounding stuff and u/s wasn't clear enough to confirm that. He also has benign liver cysts and numerous benign haemangiomas.

Hopefully all will turn out totally benign with yours too. This is precisely why you have your 6 monthly scan to pick up on these changes timeously and IF they turn out to be anything more serious they will have been picked up soon enough for successful and speedy intervention.

Best wishes, Katie

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Thank you πŸ™. I'm keeping away from Google!!!!! I will update as and when!!πŸ’–

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I thought I was done for!!!!πŸ™ƒ

I haven't had lesions on my liver thus far. But I assure you I get extremely nervous every time I go to the dr for ANY testing...especially if they find something new. The liver is so complex!!! I just do the best I can bc I do not follow a strict diet and exercise little. I use to panic over ALL of this. Now I just take it one day at a time...do the best I can do and Give God the rest basically...Monty keep us updated and God bless you my friend

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Thank you. You too πŸ™

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Livers with cirrhosis are much more at risk of developing lumps and bumps which is why 6 monthly scans take place. Once something has been seen on an ultrasound scan the normal course of action would be a CT scan with contrast and/or an MRI. These extra tests will help your team determine whether the 'lesion' is something that just needs to be watched carefully or whether it is something that needs dealing with. Much better to know about it than not, even though it might not feel like this at the moment!

There is a free telephone helpline if talking to one of our liver specialist nurses would help.

Mon-Fri 10:00 - 15:00 0800 652 7330


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Thank you Trust 5. (Whoever you are 😘) πŸ™

Hi Monty πŸ‘‹

Yes I have. Before I go on...this is an individual, don't assume or feel OMG..definitelydont do a Dr Google..he's rubbish . but mine are dysplastic cells. They are monitoring and scanning to see the growth.

What kind of scan did you have? Perhaps the GP should have been the first to talk to you. I'd advise you to get intouch with your Consultant and ask them to explain.

Hope things enlighten for you soon. Take good care πŸ™‚

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I conned (somehow πŸ™„) the radiologist to tell me there and then(yesterday) what he could see.I've been on to my consultants secretary and GP today to ask for bloods and mri/ct and they haven't got the report yet 😑.

So I've been told they have to wait for that!!

Not happy πŸ˜’.

Will keep updating here. 🀝🀝

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My hubby had to wait 12 weeks for his MRI scan the first time follow up was requested & that was on an urgent request so be patient.

Hopefully you've also been getting Alpha Fetoprotein blood tests - this can be an indicator as to whether a lesion is a suspected cancer or not.


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Oh sorry I posted before read this.

I'm taking it, that it was an ultrasound scan or do you mean CT?

**"I've been on to my consultants secretary and GP today to ask for bloods and mri/ct and they haven't got the report yet 😑.**

Patience ..a pain in the wotsit. Well unfortunately you just have ho sit tight and wait, I'm not much good at that either, being patient. 😊

Fingers crossed you get some feedback soon 🀞

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Thanks 🀝🀝

I used to have scans every 6 months, Nothing anymore hospital is USELESS!! Its been 3 years now. Doesnt matter how many times you call. A lot of people are going to die because of the mess of the last couple of years,

Hi Monty's yes, I've had a couple turn up on US. Unfortunately its not always possible to determine what they are on ultrasound so they generally arrange for another scan to confirm, either CT or MRI. In my case, both turned out to be benign things. Hopefully it'll be the same for you.

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Montys in reply to Kristian

Thank you. I seem to get more anxious/nervous with the cirrhosis as I get older. πŸ™πŸ€πŸ€

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