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I’m very confused about my last ultrasound. I think it says I don’t have cirrhosis?

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Had a phone appointment with the liver doctor and he just said my cirrhosis is stable?

Any thoughts? I’m a bit bad on reading medical speak 😂

Here is the results.


History: HCC screening.

Comparison: None

Findings: Hepatomegaly noted 176mm. The liver demonstrates normal

echogenicity and echotexture. There is no capsular nodularity. There are no

masses. The portal vein is patent with hepatopetal flow.

The gallbladder has no gallstones and has a thin wall 2.6mm. Sonographic

Murphy's sign is absent.

There is no intra/extra hepatic biliary dilatation with maximal CBD at 9mm.

Pancreas is fatty replaced. Spleen measures 140mm. The abdominal aorta has

normal appearance.

Right kidney is 109mm and left is 111mm with normal corticomedullary junction.

Incidental left renal cortical cyst.


Hepatomegaly noted 176mm.

Splenomegaly 140mm.

No features of portal hypertension or morphological features of cirrhosis. No

hepatic masses.


Me 😂

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I'm sorry but nobody here is medically trained to advise on your results. Please speak to your consultant again if you need some further guidance.

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Brett11 in reply to Jaygee87

Know that. I just wanted someone to translate the medical speak. I’m seeing my doc next week.

I don’t think he wanted a medical view of the report just a little guidance!

It does appear to say no cirrhosis - does highlight enlarged liver (hepatomegaly). All else looks good.

Go with what your doctor says.

BTW i'd remove the photograph because it reveals personal information and even a link & pin that could be utilized to access even more details.


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Brett11 in reply to AyrshireK

Doh! I didn’t think of that. Thanks Katie.

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Brett11 in reply to Brett11

I edited my post.

These scans are not looking at cirrhosis.They are checking that your confirmed cirrhosis has not caused cancer or other changes/problems that need treating.

Cirrhosis, yes.

Deadly changes caused by cirrhosis, nothing seen!

Best result we can get now!

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Brett11 in reply to Roy1955

Thanks mate. That makes total sense!That’s why I never became a doctor 😂 😂

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JJgut in reply to Roy1955

How do you know his cirrhosis has been confirmed? The ultrasound report seems to say no cirrhosis, normal echogenicity, and normal echotexture. It just seems that there’s a bit of inflammation.

Good to hear from you sweetheart. (No more choking on my morning coffee) your sense of humour is really missed!Very rarely I make on comments on here, not a very nice friendly site anymore.

I hope the news is good for you.

Take care X

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Brett11 in reply to adrian27lee

I noticed that with one of the earlier replies. See what happens when I leave you lot unsupervised 😂

I know sweetheart, total chaos!😄😄😄😄

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Brett11 in reply to adrian27lee

I doMiss the friendly banter that we used to

Have on here. Most of my time has been taken up with the Facebook cirrhosis group that I’m in. We weed out the crazy ones 😂

I bet the liver trust have drafted you especially to change the mood! Other than split coffee it is working sweetheart. 😀😆

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Brett11 in reply to adrian27lee

Hey, like I’m a paid contributor 😂 😂 I’ll be rich I tells ya 😂


Your report shows no cirrhosis, probably as a result of normal echogenicity and echotexture. Seems like you do have some inflammation though. Were your liver enzymes elevated?

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Roy1955 in reply to JJgut

Brett's been here a while and was diagnosed a few years ago.

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JJgut in reply to Roy1955

I see that now. But nevertheless, his ultrasound report shows no cirrhosis and normal echogenicity/echotexture. Just an enlarged liver and spleen.

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Brett11 in reply to JJgut

But would they leave off the cirrhosis bit as it was already diagnosed years ago?I’m Confused again? 😂

Also, I have an ultrasound every 6 months and it always mentions that I have cirrhosis. But this one doesn’t?

Also, the liver clinic doctor never mentioned that I don’t have cirrhosis anymore? They saw the scan results. He even said my white blood cell count was low but stable for me and he said that was due to the cirrhosis.

Still, I’m seeing my GP on Wednesday.

Hey, I must be a weirdo!!!! Wanting my results to say cirrhosis 😂 😂 😂

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JJgut in reply to Brett11

Apparently this one does not show cirrhosis. I'm going off what you posted yourself. I don't know what the liver doctor did or did not mention to me. I only know what I read in the report that you posted.

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Brett11 in reply to JJgut

I totally understand. Also, I’ve got a huge hernia mesh around my innards, that wasn’t there 6 months ago. Maybe that might be blocking the ultrasound? Dunnow 😂

I do appreciate all your comments. It is an interesting topic of conversation. No! I’mNot one of those strange people that wishes an illness on myself. If in-fact my cirrhosis has gone then I will become a millionaire, selling my cirrhosis cures in the internet 😂 😂 people will write books about me, I can go on chat shows 😂

I would love to go to the pub to celebrate my fixed liver. Actually, I doubt that I would drink alcohol again. It’s been 5 or 6 years since my last drink. I don’t count the days. I don’t call myself an ex alcoholic. I just don’t drink alcohol if that makes sense?

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