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Endoscopy report.

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Yay - i did it. Thank you all so much for your support and advice!

Findings are : gastritis? Oesopogeal varices grade 1 and CLO positive. Its all gone totally.over my.head just know i need antibiotic..

Any advice/interpritation? Think im still a slightly in lala land 😁

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Hey well done you, I know you were more than worried about going for your endoscopy.

Gastritis just means inflammation of your stomach lining (Gasto/stomach - itis/inflammation) and this tallies with the CLO postive results. CLO is Campylobacter-like organism otherwise known as Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). Treatment will likely be a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) to reduce stomach acid and an antibiotic.

Here's an NHS patient leaflet about H. Pylori, symptoms and treatment.wsh.nhs.uk/CMS-Documents/Pa...

Varices I presume you know about as a symptom of portal hypertension from your cirrhosis. Grade 1 means they are there but not treatment needy and they will no doubt keep an eye on them.

Sleep off your sedation, doctors are keeping a good eye on you.


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Ah thanks katie! Haha i mumbled something about "katie will be so proud" when i got picked up 🀣 think he thinks im mad! Thanks for that, i will check it out! Im so relieved that no treatment is required other than the antibiotics. Strange as i havemt felt ive had an upset tummy, or bug πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ but hopefully that will shift it!

Fibroscan next too - i do feel like they are looking after me now 😊

Take care and thank you again!

Sam x

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DM-001 in reply to Samqdj4

Well done Sam!

Glad you got through the procedure ok and everything went as well as possible!

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Samqdj4 in reply to DM-001

Ahh thank you, i hope this can go someway to reassure others who are facing the same πŸ™ƒ hope you are well?

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Im still in limbo at the moment. I met with my Gastro last Thursday who after i explained the drinking the bottle of wine the last 5+ years and drinking beyond that still doesn't think liver *shrug*

However he did want to get me an Endoscopy and CT Scan anyway with new Bloods, he said if it was liver it would show on the scans. No dates yet I'm afraid, he did say it would be quite quick but not heard anything.

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Samqdj4 in reply to DM-001

Ahh ok. Well thats good, heading in the right direction to finding the cause of the pain. I was fast tracked with a 2 week wait for my ct and that was kicking on for 2 months so just try amd be patient x

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Pain isn't so bad anymore, its the damn tiredness all the time, cant sleep but always tired!

Anyway didn't want to hijack your news thread, really glad you got it out of the way and on the road to healing :)

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Samqdj4 in reply to DM-001

Ah thats good. Yes the tiredness can be hard. Not hijacking at all, we're all in this together. Im glad your getting.somewhere.too!

Well done, it’s over and done with now, you can rest and forget all about it

Well done, it's the most horrible thing ever.

That's great news Sam, so glad it all went well for you. I have had 2 done and still remember the horrible banana after-taste of the throat spray.


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Samqdj4 in reply to PoppyPiper

Ugggh the throat spray πŸ‘€ thats strange stuff!! I wish id have known it was going to make you feel like your troat was closing up, i genuinely thought i couldnt breath! Thank goodness for the sedative! X

I am down for one imminent now absolutely freaked out by it glad you are OK great news

Is it your 1st? It was mine? X

Well done,so glad it all went well xx

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