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Alcohol and liver pain

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Fell off again now back to right sided liver pain 😭😭 actually hate myself.... Especially when I know when I don't drink it goes away stupid or what!!! X

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Oh Cashiee what a shame eh? Was there something specific which made you grab the bottle again?

Laura xx

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Cashiee97 in reply to Laura009

Thought I could have a drink and that would be that 😭 turns out that's not the case x

They need to fix the seatbelts on that wagon

Unfortunately the temptation is there at every that sells it. It rounds the sharp edges of your Problems. When it wears off those sharp edges return. So where do you go? A downward spiral of guilt and feeling this life has been lived and isn’t worth living anymore? That’s how I felt. Find the small mercies enjoy each little thing be it a small glint of sunshine, a bit of nostalgia that takes you back to your happy time and build on it. It’s the small mercies that matter. Not important to many but to me it saved my life

Never mind Cashiee onwards & upwards -many of us have done it. Just do the best you point beating yourself up ...just keep on trying....Best K

It's a new day today.

I've sent a private message xx

I can highly recommend a book called Alcohol Explained. I used to drink but obviously since transplant that's had to change. The cause of liver disease wasn't alcohol but I still had the compulsion to want to drink. Anyway this book is brilliant. Theres 5 free chapters online and an FB group where the author does live Q and A's. It was an absolute game changer for me.

All us ex-drinkers get tempted now and then. I certainly didn’t get it right first time so don’t be too hard on yourself especially now we’re in this bonkers situation.

How long had you quit for if I may ask?

I do little stints of like 2 weeks then I will have a drink one day then I'll stop another week but prior to this I have drank heavily for 5 years maybe more but I'm trying really hard 😣 x

Sounds familiar. What you could do is speak to your GP. It can be done online or on the phone and ‘fess up. It’ll be a weight off your mind, and you’ll make your GP’s day. It was the one step I did that set me right.

Your GP might recommend counselling. I took a medication called Campral to help reduce cravings. A blood test will probably be recommended to make sure all is OK. The right side pain could be just fatty liver, but it’s another weight off your mind to know.

For me, I found all the above quite a palaver, and it helped bring it home to me that it’d be easier to not drink again. I’d say you’re dependent on alcohol so the best (and easiest) option is to quit forever. I can remember my last beer (on a plane somewhere, I didn’t really enjoy it) so get into the mindset that you won’t drink again. Life’s way easier after that.

Good luck and make that GP appointment.

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Hiya when you do have a drink is it s big binge drink ?

I did the same over and over for 15 years. Drink, wake anxiety and pain over my liver. Now my autonomic nervous system is damaged and I’m nearly blacking out half the day every day and my blood pressure keeps dropping very low! No cure... trust me it isn’t worth it.

Hi Cashier

Hope you are taking on board the good advice people are giving you!! I still crave a drink but to date resisted but I do think it’s only time !! I have had a transplant so know the importance of staying clean.

Have you had a transplant or are you waiting - I feel for your predicament and hope you pull through this difficult stage

Take care

It’s pretty scary that the likes of you and I still crave a drink from time to time. We’ve won the war but not the little battles (I just made that up so I hope it makes sense 😀 ). By some sort of miracle, I escaped with no permanent liver damage. Hope you’re doing OK.

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