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I feel I have to post after reading various comments over the past month or so. There seem to be some very heated exchanges on here and the tone of the forum seems to be getting quite dark. Let’s just remember why we are here, to support one another, not blame and pick fights or use bad language. It could be that lockdown is getting to people but let’s just calm things down. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys the good weather. Alex

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Get lost. Lol 😜

You've such a way with words Koass! :-)

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People😜

Koassilator and Alfredthgreat ( he he he) you both are very naughty boy's, but funny.



It was time to lighten the mood. As Owlie says we are here to support each other :-) :-)

Alf, I finished planting up my little greenhouse this afternoon 6 Q's 4 of 1 type , 2 of another and about 8-10 different types of toms, including Moneymaker and Tumbling toms. All I have to do now is say a prayer that all will come to fruition and share the spoils. I am as proud as punch so I will keep you informed of my progress.

Have a good evening

All my best wishes


You've been busy :-)

It's going to be good weather next week for your toms and cues. I've got plenty of fruits in tubs and redcurrants by accident in the hedge at the bottom of the garden :-) :-)

Home grown toms are so much nicer than the tasteless supermarket ones . Not been able to get any tom plants as yet due to lockdown, will be too late soon :-(

You have a good evening too

All the best to you.


O Alf, I am so so jealous Redcurrants !!! scrummy,


It was growing in the garden. I thought it was the normal flowering currant so I put it into a hedge with some lilacs :-) :-) :-)


Have you ever grown Tom's in pots in doors?

Trish 😊

in reply to Paderico

Moneymaker - that was always a fav of my Dad. I’ve recently moved, have no greenhouse but just got raised beds. Planted some toms etc and cant wait to see what happens. In Normandy so weather slightly better than the U.K. Very, very windy though today. The brassicas were all leaning!

Very windy here too. It bashed a few plants down today.

The first toms I ever grew, donkeys years ago, were Moneymaker. Very easy to grow and an abundant crop too :-) :-)

Hi again Alf,

I was out earlier pottering around. I reckon a couple of weeks ago I planted my beetroot not near my carrots but on top of them 😯🤭😂

Hey ho


Well done Paderico😊 Hubby planted 24 of the 48 Snap Dragons yesterday plus a further 48 on order 🤣 as I'm instructed to rest at present 👎still cooking though😅

ShropshireLass1772, good morning, O I see !!!! you are the supervisor and hubby is the ground-worker, sounds a good little number 2 me. and gosh you will have so many beautiful blooms, lucky old you. I look forward to seeing a photo of the garden when the flowers are out. I hope you have a good day, all my very best wishes spk soon. and rest if that is what the doctor ordered.



Hey Paderico on this occasion hubby was the ground worker but some days we do work in the garden together! In answer to your question re garden photo's when in bloom, these I normally load onto my Facebook page with you can find me under Trish Harris-McNee . This is not hidden from others because I'm already known for a maddening sky dive I did a couple of months ago to raise funds for BLT and the QE Hospital. If your on FB send me invite ! In the meantime take care .

Oh before I go if you do view my FB its currently full of stories / posters for sharing about my daughters missing Bengal cat called Indy who's been missing for 3 weeks along with 2 others pedigree cats snatched from the same beautiful village of Shackerston which is situated on the borders of Warkshire and Leicestershire and 4 miles from the town of Market Bosworth!

This is an extremly upsetting situation right now and all sorts of media including the police the vets pet store's, supermarkets, FB friends are sharing her different daily appeal posters !

So any pedigree cats lovers on here be aware that cat crime is on the increase!! 3 cats from.one village on the same day!!!!

Love Trish xxx

O Trish I am so so sorry about our little fury friends. there are words for THOSE sort's of people, well enough said, I am sure you agree. my heart is with all their owners and the worry and heartbreak they are going through.

Paderico. x

Thank you Paderico for those kind words 💌

Tut! Tut! 😉

My forte innit 🙄

Yup or is that Yep? 🤔

in reply to Koassilator

Monster! 😝

in reply to Owlie

O is for optimistic, look at the bright side!

W is for wise, more tomorrow that today.

L is for lofty, your ambitions are high!

I is for inspire, others seek your guidance.

E is for expressive, not one to hold within.

That's nice 🙄

But - Think of a grumpy faced owl, that's being Owlie. Lol.😜

in reply to Koassilator

You cheeky so and so! 😝😝

in reply to Owlie

Nice to be nice, can't help it. 🙄

When at you going to start Ko?


“The advice I would give to someone is to not take anyone’s advice.” 🙄

Well said Owlie and you already know I totally agree ! 👍We're here to support one and other


Crutch 😜

Your being reprimanded! 🙄

I agree also. Used to love reading this page as felt it was all very supportive and informative but the tone seems to have changed in that its like being on social media where it seems people are looking for argument most of the time. It's hard enough having liver issues without everybody nitpicking and being unkind. Sorry for sticking my oar in where its probably not wanted 😳

Hiya Owlie. I agree. It was an awful thread 😒.

Stay well and please be kind everybody peeps. 😊🌈xxx

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Thanks Mattymoo!

in reply to Owlie

Hey, I believe we're white water rafting with Trish after all this shizzle.


in reply to mattymoo33

She has kept very quiet about it! 😉🌊

in reply to Owlie

Yes she has. I'm up for it if you are. I'm sure Trish can't resist a challenge...😉xxx

Hi Matty

Didn't we discuss the water rafting by PM a couple of days ago when I mentioned checking if Owlies still joining us or did I dream the whole thing 😅 ? Will check PM's !

I'm definately up for it! So bring it on 🚤🛶🌊 sorry no raft ....

PS will start looking at locations !!!

I have no message regarding this!! 🌊😭

Not yet ...was unwell and forgot to mention in PM! Whoops slipped up again ! 😊


I know ...don't tell me off teach😭

Are you joining us 2021 ?

Well someone has to be the sensible one...! 🤣🌊🌊🌊

Come on ...are you saying Matty's not sensible 🤔

Now you’re just trying to get me into trouble! As for locations...I was thinking somewhere exotic , without sharks!🏄🏼‍♀️

Your not getting out of it that easy as I'm truly doing it for BLT and so is Matty 🤣! Are you still on board ???

Large expense for warmer climate so not sure feasible if fund raising !

Of course! 👍🌊🌊🌊🌊

Don't forget this is also fund raiser for BLT 😳😳😳

Cleethorpes it is then! 👍

Err? Water rafting in the sea? Lol

You said budget! 😮

🤔🤔🤔! Lol

I guess we could ride the 🌊🌊🛶 but I'd prefer the rapid river with its breath taking views 😳😳

Good one Owlie - good that someone spoke up - 👍 - it got so bad I have avoided the forum recently........let’s hope normal service now resumes 🤞

I believe that the person causing the most recent mischief has ‘left the building’ as they say. 2 recent posts disappeared plus not listed as a member.

Business may now return to normal - hopefully. ☺️

Cheers ThreeSmiles! Fingers crossed 👍🙂

Sorry Owlie ! I've added a very long message to your thread ! Promise won't do it again x

Why am I not surprised...! 😂 x


It's so fab we understand each other so well behind the closed 🚪....😉😉😉👍x


I’d keep an eye on that Kaoss though 😉

aie m'aide 👀😜

He's one of us with a funny but weird SOH sometimes 🙂😉

Well done. You little beauty. You cut to the chase xxx

Anyway guys joking aside and to be a bit of a party poo pa, how are you all really keeping as none of you are talking these days about how your health is, future hospital appointments, operations, medications, GP visits , loneliness , depression or how each of us is keeping in general !

Are we not here to also support one an other ? When I joined this forum we used to chat about everything which included our usual banter which was/is a great mixture😊👍

Here's my update ! Sorry Owlie for this message on your thread but some of the kind caring members are here!'

Today I received Negative result for Covid19! 😳

My current left lung infection with additional symptoms now seems to be under control due to the 1000mg of antibiotics I'm taking 3 times a day!

Tomorrow I shall be writing an email to my hepatologiest informing her of this current lung infection ! I'm doing this because most of you know I have an unknown autoimmune disease that flares up from out of the blue raising my LFT's to that of a concern to my GP and hepatologiest! At my last appointment my consultants suspicion pointed to me possibly having Sarcoid which is an inflammatory disease that travels around the body normally affecting the lungs and other organs by leaving granulomtous nodules, so I'm now wondering whether not feeling well since February and this lung infection could possibly be Sarcoid symptomatic?

Tuesday I have my first routine full bloods and LFT's tests now being carried out at my medical practice instead of the hospital.

My concerns are whether the large amounts of antibiotics in my system will they highlight this infection or disguise the LFT's and full blood tests as normal ?

Well this is all from Trishy who's signing off! Nighty nite !: Hope everything going in the right direction for you all 💕

Let's be careful out there, airing dirty laundry innit?

It ain't over till it's over. He's behind you, Oh no he isn't, oh yes he is. 👀

On Open forum, not my post/your post a thread is a thread. 🤔

It's good to talk with dolly back in the pram & teddy safe in his cot. 🙄

Even better for um if cabin fever lifts. 😷🤞🙏

Supa Dupa's 'my post/your post thresd noted 😊👍

Did you know disguises are on the increase 😎🤓🧐 lol

One never knows, one whom one never knew in the first place. 🤔

in reply to Koassilator

Hill Street Blues!

in reply to Owlie

Must be before my time that one a Owlie 😀. I know about the Hill Billies and the Blues Bros but not.....

Well after your time then. 🙄

Ahh - that must indeed be so - not difficult 😀

Before you ask, yes of course you can come and have a laugh...😁


Love you too...see you in Cleethorpes 😁xx

What was there slogan 🤔 Ah ' Let's be careful out there! 🤣🤣

Hiya Trish.

How are you today?

I really hope you feel better after knowing you've had your bloods done. I know I always do... although it's a bit like watching Dr.Who from between your fingers...you don't want to know what is going to happen, but can't stop looking!!

White water rafting in Cleethorpes it is then!!🤔😯xx

Cleethorpes are you kidding me !

Where's the adventure there ? Maybe your referring to surfing the slot machines 🤣🤣🤣

Oh I can make fun anywhere sweet.

I'd love to do something in Wales, what's your and Owlies thoughts?

Btw, who the heck is Chris 998, who got his /her🐐?🙄

Anyhoo, not cycled, but jogged (jiggled) today, hated every second...why can't I do it?!!!

Wales! South? Mid or North 🤔

Love South👍 Owlie how about you?

Not jogged ,cycled, or 💃lately !

Failing 😢😢

Never been to Wales...

Your kidding me 😳 South it is then 😁

Or the Lake District ladies ?

Nothing wrong with Meggies!!

Meggies fine ! I lived across the Humber for 20 years 😉

Took a flying slip from shower 🤣🤣🤣!

Twisted knee, bruised leg plus slit thumb nail !!! 🙄

Tough cookie survives other day 😳

Oh my Christ. Am I the only sensible one? If so...f**k help us 😧

Please, look after yourself....we've a raft to build!! XXX🚣

Wooooo !'Raft to build! I'll bring me scale rule and 🔨🪓⛏

PS Hubby cleaned en suite floor day before and replaced rubber backed bath mats with 1 day temporary mat whilst 4 drying! Replacement had no rubber ! H&S failed as per retired H& S inspector said earlier ! 🧐

I'll just bring cake 😋.

South Wales sounds fab.

Speaking to liver team tomorrow, so will ask their opinion. 🤔

Love you both ❤️ xxx

in reply to mattymoo33


in reply to Owlie

You bringing cake too...Christ we'll never get afloat 😯🚣xxx

in reply to mattymoo33

No I was hoping you were bringing it...and we would eat it! 😁

'Bats in the belfry' or Rafters 🤫

Defo bats 🚣

in reply to mattymoo33

Batty more like...! 🤣


Sorry, got waylaid, can't remember if I replied 🤔

Anyhoo, I'm really not bothered what we do, just need a goal to aim for...and of course I'll bring cake 🍩🧁🍰🥧xxx

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