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Liver Transplants in the Covid 19 Era

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Hi all,

I’m currently on the transplant list at QE Birmingham, does anyone know the current status of Liver Transplants I.e. are they operational, are they at reduced capacity?

Would be interesting to know.



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From what l have seen on various news reports, fighting coronavirus is taking priority over everything.

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tommyc in reply to Laura009

Thanks for the info Laura

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Laura009 in reply to tommyc

Take care. Look after yourself

Hi Tom

Please look at this linked British Live Trust page.

You will find the answer to your question a little way down. Basically it says Transplants are still going ahead at the moment but this may have to change.

My 🤞🤞 for you.


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tommyc in reply to ThreeSmiles

Cheers for the steer Miles, keep well x

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Hi Tommy,

The latest information we have is that transplants are still taking place but obviously we are in extraordinary times and the situation may change.

Can you contact your own transplant unit today? They would be best placed to advise

Take care,


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tommyc in reply to Trust1

They’re just ringing out, I’ve dropped them an email, there’s no rush for a response, cheers.

I received a phone from QEHB today, cancelling my appointment at the post LT clinic for the 1st April 20 because of the coronavirus pandemic

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tommyc in reply to Dallo100

That’s interesting as I called them today and they told me that my next pre assessment appointment was going ahead (as things stand) was n the 14th April, I wouldn’t be massively surprised if it gets put back nearer the time as NHS forecasting must be a nightmare at the present time.

How are you feeling Dallo, post transplant? I hope your recovering well.


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Dallo100 in reply to tommyc

Thanks for asking Tom, I forgot to mention that my appointment was postponed for 3 months.

Exactly 4 yrs since I had the LT and feeling brilliant, much healthier than I was 10 yrs ago.

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tommyc in reply to Dallo100

Great to hear, give me great hope. Take care.

We have been told by the staff that the QEHB liver transplants were suspended from last week. Many liver staff are redeployed to other duties.

Hi Sophie, my LT Co ordinator told me last week nothings changed at QE, I’ve heard rumours of staff redeployment but nothing concrete?

So would this mean that those on the super urgent list will not get that life saving LT, that’s awful, I appreciate it’s a difficult decision.

Thanks for the info.


I asked 2 weeks ago and they were still transplanting that was Thursday 19 March.

Then I asked again on the 31st March if transplants were suspended and the nurse specialist said they had done none over that last week .

My partner had a drain on the 2nd April in the QE and one of the hep. Specialist nurses is down in itu now and he was told that the liver surgeons were helping out on the general wards.

Surely surely super urgent will still be a priority? Suggest you call again.

Surely if “time is of the essence” they would do it, you would have hoped....

OK, I thought you implied all LTs were off the agenda and the Super Urgent fall out rattled me, essentially if there is a critical clinical necessity, LTs would go ahead if I understand rightly.

My next pre LT app is in 10 days, I’ll bring it up then.

Hi tommy c. I am really sorry but I don’t know, I have reported here what we were told, and also made a personal comment that I hope super urgent are still going ahead, but I don’t know. have you tried emailing your consultant or their p a?

Hi Sophie,

I’m in no rush as I have an pre LT appointment in less than 10 days so I plan to call just before the date to clarify if that’s going ahead still, I also ask for an update on the stats of LTs.

I’m listed however not on the super urgent list I just merely asked the question as there were various versions circulating.

When I know, I’ll post.



Hi Tommy,

Were you given an update?


Hi Sophie,

Yes I did, my consultation was via phone and I was informed the Transplant program was pretty much suspended but they hoped it would start up again in ‘a few weeks, but not a full capacity.

There were no further specifics on super urgent however I assume these will be priority once it kicks off again.

Hope all works out for you and your partner.


Thank you tommy.

My partner has been on the list since September 2018, it’s a hard row to hoe.

Oh dear Sophie that really is a long time to be waiting 🙁.

I hope for you both that everything gets moving again soon and that more Livers become available when the new law comes into play on 20 May (all things Covid related aside of course 😕).

Good luck to you both and 🤞🤞.



Ditto, I hope he doesn’t have to wait much longer, stay healthy all x

I had a liver transplant 6months ago recently seen my Dr. live donor transplants are on hold. Deceased donor transplants will Happen.patty

Hey Patty, thanks for the reply, when you say deceased, do you mean a DCD and DBD Transplants?

Patty, how are you feeling post LT?

Take Care,


Andy has his phone consultation this week and the we are doing transplants again for those with a ukeld score of 60 and above they did 5 in the first week

Cheers Sophie, I’m averaging approx 57, I assume this will return to normal once the list starts to balance out and resources are reinvested?

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