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What’s the best thing you can do to stop NAFLD/NASH cirrhosis from getting worse?


I know weight loss is a big help, but what else? We are already eating plant based so no dairy or meat.

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Exercise and eat healthily. If you search my posts you can see how I reversed my NAFLD and what I ate etc. Well done and good luck x

NathalieR in reply to Owlie

Hello. I tried searching for your posts..i can't find what you did to reverse your condition. May i ask to repost? Thank you

Owlie in reply to NathalieR

Here you go:

Start small making little changes so swap white bread for whole grain, white rice for brown. I love my carbs but now eat very few. Instead of looking for a ‘diet’, which itself has negative connotations, think about a healthy lifestyle otherwise your brain will automatically think you are denying yourself food.

I have lost a considerable amount of weight which averaged out about 1-2lbs a week and both my consultant and Dr are really pleased with how I have gone about it as I have done it in a healthy way and it has worked.

I don’t eat anything processed as it tends to be high in additives, salt, sugar etc. I also eat a lot less carbs than I did before. I don’t eat red meat and I watch my portion size.

My diet now is as follows:

Breakfast: 1 banana or 27g of oats with skimmed milk

Lunch: Salad with half a tin of tuna or 2 slices of whole grain bread with tuna in it or boiled egg

Dinner: salmon, or other fish, with fresh or frozen veg. Chicken or turkey breast with veg.

Snacks: raw carrot, blueberries, banana, strawberries

Drinks: I only drink hot or cold water

I also exercise every day, I started off with 5 minutes a day as that was all I could do, then built up to 60 mins cardio a day and 30 mins strength training.

I hope this helps, the weight will come off if you keep at it and everyone will support you on here. Feel free to msg me with any further questions.

My blood tests have reduced dramatically to normal and my liver is now regenerating, it will take a while but my consultant said it should completely heal in time and I feel and look so much better.

Look at the British Liver Trust link on what food to eat as well.

Hope this helps,


NathalieR in reply to Owlie

This is helpful. Thank you Do you take any supplements?

Owlie in reply to NathalieR

No as everything that goes in the mouth is broken down by the liver. You also have to be careful as some things can make things worse e.g. green tea if you drink too much. Glad it helped!

Todohert in reply to Owlie

Do you have cirrhosis also or just NAFLD?

Owlie in reply to Todohert

fatty liver


Are we talking about fatty liver here or cirrhosis?

Fatty liver is reversible, but cirrhosis isn't (not yet anyway).

Todohert in reply to Hidden

Cirrhosis although I know you can’t reverse it, but hoping to stop the progression.

Hidden in reply to Todohert

Thank you for clarifying that for me. A healthy life style helps, and regular scans at least every six months or so. This is to check for possible tumours.

Good luck.

ballie52 in reply to Todohert

Todohert there actually is some studies that show cirrhosis can be reversible in some people!

I was reading about follow up of people who had liver cirrhosis and the cause of their cirrhosis was halted..they found that some people did show signs of reversal in biopsy results after the cause of the cirrhosis was resolved!..obviously not everyone gets these results but it's very promising information on a condition that was previously seen as non reversible.

Kempster in reply to ballie52

indeed, my consultant told me as much. Evidence emerging that, provided you stop the cause, cirrhosis is reversible. As others have posted, a healthy lifestyle needs to be adopted as well.

Great but no one can find our what caused/is causing my NAFLD

Have you read the BLT page on NAFLD? It might give you pointers.


When my hubby was in hospital first time round and they were trying to identify why this t-total chap who was normally fit and very active with not a peck of fat on him had cirrhosis the consultant said "Even racing snakes can get fatty liver!". In his case it turned out not to be fatty liver but an auto immune condition that had caused full on cirrhosis.

All the best, Katie

Many thanks, like your husband have been above average fit partaken in very demanding sports all my life, no heavy drinking all my life

My diagnosis was only made due to a bowel cancer problem 5 years ago.

What is strange is my blood tests are ok, no varicose, yellow eyes, swollen legs

But do suffer with energy problems & severe insomnia,which I am convinced is associated.

Have had great treatment from NHS but in my area Cornwall the RCH Hepatic dept is very poor

Best Wishes

Todohert in reply to ballie52

This is interesting! What Im hearing is if you stop the cause of your cirrhosis (fatty liver in our case) you can stop the cirrhosis from getting worse or possibly reversing it?

ballie52 in reply to Todohert

In the case of fatty liver lifestyle changes can definitely make a huge difference!

If you are overweight then getting the weight down and eating a healthy diet can actually reverse fatty liver completely in most cases!

But in cases of cirrhosis it does depend on how advanced the cirrhosis stage is if it can be reversed or not.. and also the cause has to be halted!

Studies def show that if you can take away the cause of your liver disease then def in most cases it can reverse or at the least be very stable and not progress .

If your fatty liver is caused by alcohol then def you have to stop completely in order for there to be any kind of stability.

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