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Laser treatment for spider naevie

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I went to see the consultant dermatologist yesterday after waiting almost 5 months. I had originally been referred as no-one knew what all the red spots that cover my arms, back, chest and now my face were. Iasked several doctors what they were and even said that I thought they were something to do with my liver although I hadn't been diagnosed with cirrhosis at that time. The consultant said I could have laser treatment for them which surprised me as I thought it would only be offered privately. He has referred me to Salford Royal for the laser treatment but the wait will probably be another18 weeks. I just hope that they don't refuse to do the treatment after having my hopes up. The spots on my chest are particularly bad, I look like I've been bitten.

6 Replies
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I’m sorry; I wish I could help. I’m sure someone on here will, very soon.

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It is well worth the wait to go to Salford, I have severe psoriasis and as a result of being on methotrexate for 7 years, a damaged liver, severe fibrosis. I had the veins on my face lasered and it did hurt but was worth it to be rid of my very red cheeks. I was not aware of my liver damage at the time, I had a fibroscan and it showed a fatty liver. One year later I had the second one. My fatty liver was reduced by 25% which is likely due to losing 1.5 stone in weight. I was surprised when I was told I had severe fibrosis, but was totally unaware of how serious this was. I found out when I looked for travel insurance. I have travelled to the sun in Mallorca every year to help control my psoriasis. One quote for 12 nights was £990! The lowest was £315 which was over 3 times what I had been paying! My recent bloods came back and my GP said they were normal for my LFT's. ? My next fibroscan should be due in November so I will ask to be referred to a liver specialist. It was a gastro specialist who diagnosed me and the guy who did the scan said he did not agree with this consultant? Sorry for digressing but it is well worth your wait. Dermatology at Salford is one of the best in the UK, You are treated as a person not a number, in spite of it being so very busy. Hope you get your treatment ok Hazel

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GrandmaDylan in reply to Radnor

Thanks for your reply. I live in stockport so I'm under stepping hill. Dr Prince was recommended as a hepatologist at Manchester royal but when I asked to see him there I was told that I had to stay with stepping hill. If things go worse in the future I will insist on seeing Dr Prince. Good luck. Deb

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I live in Ashton in Makerfield but I will be asking my GP to refer me to a hepatologist at Salford Royal. I have not drank alcohol for 15 years , I went off it after contracting Epstein Barr Virus. Its methotrexate that has damaged my liver but I have only had blood tests and 2 fibroscans. I have never had any kind of scan or MRI on my liver to give a true picture of how damaged it is. It was prescribed for severe psoriasis and it was working, Now I am off it I discovered just how painful psoiaritic arthritis is .Salford is marked as outstanding so indicates they do a great job. Good luck with the laser .

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I am under Dr prince he an odd ball but amazing 😂 I see his colleague more though Dr Greer .. I am under Salford royal for a number of things and they are an amazing hospital they definitely saved my life a few times 😁 have to let me know when you're going I could come and meet you for a brew 😊

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That will be lovely. I look forward to meeting you.

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