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Anyone have issues/problems with their legs?


Hi I posted last week on my liver concerns. I seem to be getting worse even though I've stopped drinking alcohol, exercising and eating healthier. Some days I'm ok and positive. But many more like today were I feel terrible. Pain in my right side and lower back, and mild itching. Pain in my left side has improved due to my diet I think (I have diverticular disease). My nails are getting whiter though.

Its my legs that seem to get worse. Muscle spasms and twitching, itching soles that get a burning sensation when I lie down. I'm concerned I've messed up my kidneys too. Anyone else have or had similar symptoms?

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Hi Cato

It sounds like your having a it of atough time of it all! Have you visited you GP recently to discuss all these changes ? Maybe a telephone call to your consultant if you have one as it may be a good move!

I'm sorry I cannot add anymore than the above other than keep up the healthy eating ! Avoid nuts as there not good for diverticular either.

Take care and get some advice asap.

Regards Trish

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Hi Trish thanks for the reply, I've a gp appointment next Thursday so I'll have to wait until then. I did see a gastroenterologist privately regarding issues with my abdomen but I'm not sure if I can or should even get in contact with him because he was a bit dismissive. I'd prefer to get referred to a different consultant.

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Hi again!

All I can say is good luck with GP appointment next week! My fingers are crossed your GP refers you to another consultant! Innthe meantime take care

Nighty nite Trish

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Hiya Trish and Cato,

Just to let you know, nuts and seeds are okay now with diverticulosis, unless you have another reason (ie allergy) to avoid them. I have diverticulosis too.

It sounds like a multi vitamin might help with the aches and pains, very common to deplete your reserves through alcohol.

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I've stopped taking grains which has helped a lot with the diverticulosis but struggling to get enough carbs and calories into my diet. Nuts haven't bothered me really. I'll look into multivitamins. Thanks.

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Hi Cato83

The reason why I mentioned no nuts/seeds was because 2 of my friends who have the diverticuloasis have been instructed by there consultants not to eat them ! Like anything each consultants in there own medical field gives advice based on each patients medical history/requirements!,

I eat fruit and veg for my carbs but to be honest I try not to eat to many carbs as I gain weight if I do!

I eat more protein and hood fats!

Love Trish x

Hi Cato

Not sure if you can relate to this but I have an ongoing issue with my upper right leg. My consultant appeared dismissive of it and said it's not related to my condition. The sensation I can only describe as a bolt of electricity which always takes me by surprise when it happens. My GP prescribed me 75mg of pregabalin which does seamed of helped somewhat.

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Yes Maxey I get that too in my right leg when I'm sitting down watching tv. I think its something to do with my lower back as I there is a slight spondylolisthesis/disk slipping in that area picked up by a CT scan.

Hi cato

I know you still are here but you haven’t posted a recent update. How are you doing nowadays? Hope you’re a little better but maybe not since you still visit the forum ☹️.


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Hi Miles yes I'm still lurking in the background :) I recently went to Glasgow for the BLT Roadshow and had a fibroscan done. It was 6.3 so just within the normal range I believe?

All tests and scans have come back normal regarding the liver but I continue to get a dull pain in the liver and right shoulder region, pale nails, red palms etc. I'm not normally like this as I can't seem to shift the thought that I've a serious problem with my liver. For example I got the flu jab during this week at work and the pain in URQ and right shoulder has flared up. Could be a coincidence I suppose.

I'm just going to continue to stay off the booze and live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully the pain will go away. And I don't know why I keep coming back to this website :) I think its great by the way but this health scare put the fear of god into me and there really is no other place that I can find that provides support and info on liver issues.

Thanks for asking after me. I hope you're well yourself Miles!

Hi Cat. Just wanted to say that my wife and I had the flu jab last Saturday. My wife had a bad day the next day with all of her muscles aching. She said it actually felt like she was going down with flu. I had aching shoulder muscles followed by 3 days of gastric upset, I'm not sure if the gastric upset was to do with the jab or just coincidence that I went down with that at the same time (my son and family have had a stomach bug) I have heard of quite a few people locally that have had muscular discomfort and felt unwell after having this years flu jab. Regards. Alf

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