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Does my eyes look yellow (follow up of my other post.)im color blind i need help

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Heres one last pic, can yall look at my 3 post and tell me if just paranoid af... Sorry my annoying ass im just real close to the pankc attack ...thanks yall and sorry again to upload soo much for probably no dams realll worry

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Like we said before, only a doctor can diagnose. But they don't look yellow at all and you may be doing a Tony Montana when he sees Frank Lopez for the last time. "How you say - Paranoy"!

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Thankyou , ill sleep better now haha

Again, no.

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Why would you even think your eyes are yellow if your colour blind? Just curious not a dig

And your eyes are clear as ice stop worrying

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I can see colors but i have diffuclty seing red yellow green and white and sometime my anxiety just push my brain to over think and i just play myself big time, but yeah, had a good night of sleep and now that i see that , i was just in a panic for no reasons, my bad guys but thanks yall ive slept well cause said i was Aok.

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Hi Xaax

Are you in the UK? If so, you could give our helpline a call and we can have a chat?

0800 652 7330 between 10am and 2.45pm Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Only your own doctor can assess any physical worries you may have, can you arrange to see your GP? They can also help with your anxiety.

Warm wishes


Lol! You are kidding right?😀Put your eye next to this emoji. He is Yellow😀


But that red blotch under your eye could be the beginnings of bubonic plague!

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Yep, as yellow as a budgies arse.

Nope, they look bright and shiny white to me.

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