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Dried yellow fluid

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Hello. I noticed a bit ago that my fiancé has dried yellow fluid on his leg. The leg has a few sores from when he was itchy but they are healing and aren’t infected. The same leg also tends to swell and is a bit swollen today. There’s a small spot where the clear/yellow fluid is leaking from his leg. I of course want him to go to the ER but he does not want to go. Any of you have this happen before? If so, what was it?

Edit to add- His leg usually only swells when he’s been at his desk for more than a few hours, which he was yesterday and last night.

19 Replies
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Hi there, I don't really know much about leaking legs other than it can happen when fluid build up splits the skin. It doesn't sound good to me and I think that he should see someone fairly quickly. Hopefully someone will answer you that knows more about this kind of thing. All the best to you. Alf

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Hi Alf, thank you for commenting and the well wishes! His leg is barely swollen, it’s been much worse but I know things can go downhill very quickly so I’m worried and watching it (worried and watching shall be my epitaph haha) there isn’t any splitting, that’s what’s really got me confused. Sorry for rambling, you’ll see that I tend to do that when I’m worried.

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I would imagine( I may be wrong) that he has to be careful that it doesn't become infected. Can you ring the 111 service and get some advice? It's obviously worrying you and you have to go with your gut instinct as in most cases gut instinct turns out to be right.

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I agree with Alf, either go and see someone or phone 111, this should put your mind at rest. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thank you both for commenting! I’m calling his GI doctor in the morning. If it gets worse or doesn’t go away I’m making him go in.

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I had the same problem, it is the fluid from the oedema forcing its way out, it needs to go somewhere.

I presume that your partner is on diuretic medication to deal with the fluid retention? I would make the GI appointment, it is not an emergency but is an infection risk. The medication may need increasing.

I used to make an appointment with the dressing nurse, who cleans the affected area and puts a dressing on it. They should be able to show you how to do it and gives you the dressings etc, to be able to do this for your partner.

Good luck with everything.


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Dried yellow fluid and "no infection" cant go in the same sentence.

I agree with the others that you should get a Drs advice ASAP.

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TT-2018 in reply to Roy1955

I was drained every three weeks and one of the first things done is to test the fluid, retained as a result of cirrhosis, for infection. It is sort of the colour of cloudy apple juice. 14 litres of ascities was not unusual but you cannot drain the oedema.

If it is liver related the only thing I think of would be fluid from Oedema as Mark said. In any case definately go to the doctor D. Has he had any abdominal swelling lately from what you can tell?

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I'm a qualifying member on the Lymphoedema Support Network (LD isn't pleasant, but at least it's not life-threatening!), and the symptoms your fiancé has sound somewhat familiar? You could consider joining us (it's free, and you don't have to visit again if you don't want?), and see if there's anything amongst our topics? But I suggest his doctor should be your main point of call. Good luck.

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I went to my GP a number of years ago because of swollen legs and water leaking through my skin below my knees. Next thing I'm admitted to hospital as an emergency. This was the starting point for my liver failing. I'm eleven weeks post op transplant now and doing well, l think😀

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It’s all fine today. His leg is still a little swollen, well his foot and ankle, but he was working at his desk until 3 this morning and that usually causes it to swell. As for ascites, he’s not on any fluid pills at the moment. His doctor took him off them in March. He gets bloated sometimes but it depends on how much and what he ate. Idk if he bloats because of fluid or food. This disease is so lonely. I feel like we are just on our own with no answers to anything. I thank you all so much for your help and comments ♥️

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What was he eating prior D?

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Yeah his appetite hasn’t really changed. He was a little nauseous yesterday but he gets that way sometimes when he’s not had enough sleep (the lack of sleep was due to getting work projects out on time). I also was a bit under the weather for a couple of days, we went to a wedding over the weekend and I think I caught a bug and passed it on to him. He says he just feels run down and like he’s trying to fight something off. Getting him to slow down and rest is extremely hard, he’s always on the go :(

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I have the same problem. Full tilt and then burn out.

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So it’s normal to feel “normal” and then feel poorly for a day or 2? He always feels better after he’s had a good rest.

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I literally feel normal for four days and then get worn down for 3 then 5 and 3 etc.. so yes definately

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My husband's liver doctor has said to us on a few occasions that if he gets a fever to get to the doctor right away. I'm just going by what you said about him feeling like he is fighting something off.

I have found that for both my husband and myself [I seem to have leg lymphoedema from radiation] if he can put his feet up on a footstool or chair seat and sit more upright while working on the computer it can help with the swelling, and moving the feet up and down can sometimes help.

I think your idea to give his doctor a call is the best one.

Best wishes,


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Hi there mywildlove again lol.since I was diagnosed I put my legs swelling down to the fact that I was always working on them but also I’ve had really bad leg ulcers that I finally got rid of post TP.but what was strange was as I was in ambulatory care one or the coordinators noticed an open wound on my leg that I’d been scratching just hours previously and asking about it which worried me as she was quite concerned.but had the TP anyway but this wound that I had wasn’t healing and never thought it would.but the next day as I woke up obviously the scratching had stopped I looked down and noticed the ulcer was healing.i was taken back as I’d suffered so much with them.ulcers usually happen in older people so I put the poor circulation down to cirrhosis.yet Now though the bottom half of my legs have become so sore and sensitive I’ve no idea what causes it..brings it home what a horrible disease it is.paul

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