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Draining the NHS even more πŸ™„

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I had an eye test on Friday as I felt that my eye sight was getting worse. After the test the optician said that she wanted to send me for a second opinion at the eye hospital. Apparently my left eye wasn't reacting as it should and all the letters on the board were jiggling about πŸ‘€ this will be my fourth specialist. I already see a gastroentrologist, a hepatologist, a dermatologist and now an opthalmic specialist. If I were a horse I'd be down to the glue factory by now. πŸ˜‚πŸŽ

And to add insult to injury it cost Β£320 for new spec's. I've also previously paid for two lots of lazer eye surgery to correct my eyesight πŸ‘οΈ

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Wow Debs, that's expensive! I was super lucky at last eye test, I only wear glasses for reading and as I'm forever sitting on them or dropping them so I got a couple of pairs from ASDA. I took them along to my eye test. After the test was finished the optician looked at the ASDA cheapies and said that they were fine for me. I was expecting him to tell me that they would damage my eyes and then guide me to the ones in the front of the shop, lol. Hope that you get on alright at the eye specialist and they get your jumpy vision sorted. All the best. Alf

My husband only uses his spec's for reading and wa constantly losing or breaking them. I used to buy him 5 pairs at a time from the pound shop. A couple of years ago he went for a proper eye test and was referred immediately to the eye hospital. It turns out he has macular degeneration. He has check ups every 3 months and has had four lots of injections into his eye. He still loses and breaks his spec's but we have to buy "proper" prescription glasses now. Two pairs at a time and £49 a pair from asda. 😎

Eye injections don't sound one bit nice. At least his glasses are cheaper than yours. You'd better not sit on your expensive ones!! lol.

My spec's stay on my face. Whereas readers either sit on the top of his head (he had two pairs on his head once and was asking if I'd seen his glasses) or he can just leave them anywhere. He managed to lose his wedding ring within a week of getting married.

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I went to the optician cos I was seeing floaters in the corner of my let eye. He checked them, floater nothing to worry about but my left eye had deteriorated quite a bit, new glasses. Β£228.00 buy one get one free. We thought this was expensive until I saw how much Grandma Dylan had to pay!!

Hope you go in ok at your appointment. I see a hepatologist, urologist and a dermatologist. I'm catching up

Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Trouble is in this house is that my wife needs glasses for reading too and she is virtually the same prescription, so when she wants a pair to look at the dials on the oven or the washing machine and I just happen to be in that area she'll say "Can I just borrow your glasses for a minute?" and the next thing you know she's wandered off with them. I have to have at least one pair hidden for emergencies because when she wanders off with them and she's busy then she can put them down anywhere! lol

Seriously debs don't worry about it I will make you feel better I see heptaloy, gastro, endricology, dermatology, haematology, kidney specialist, orthopedics, physio, eye hospital, and just waiting for an appointment to see another specialist but I have lost the name of that one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Just a query how come you can't get your glasses free? You must be on esa or pip x

I'm on esa but it doesn't mean that i get free optical treatments or dentistry. I usually get my spec's from asda opticians but they don't have much of a choice. I'm sorry you have to see so many specialists, it's hard to keep track of who you are seeing and where. I'm at my local hospital so often I think I should have my own designated parking space. 😁

Oh I am on esa and I get free eye treatment hopefully you will get the pip and it will save you some pennies x

I used to go specsavers and they give me reading glasses twice and I went eye hospital first time last year and they couldn't understand why they had given me I didn't need any they said so now went asda myself and they were honest and said I don't need as well ☺️

Hahaha definitely a good idea with the parking space x

Which type of ESA are our on GrandmaDylan? If it is Income Related then you are entitled to free dentist treatment, an NHS voucher for glasses also help with travel costs to hospital (you claim at hospital cashier's office) and free NHS prescriptions.


To be honest I don't know. I've been on esa, previously incapacity benefit for about 10years.

Your award letter should tell you whether it is contribution based or income related. If it is income related then you are entitled to the things stated above.

Do check your paperwork.

My brother has been on incapacity benefit for years then was moved on to ESA and has been in contribution based, however, he has recently had forms out as he was one of these folks that should have been in income related all along and has recently had a wee kerching moment with a back dated payment of some few thousands of pounds.

Best wishes, Katie

Worry ye not! More money now in the NHS kitty as today I was discharged from the surgeon who saved my life 6 weeks ago! He also explained why for a long time some days I looked 9 months gone! Apparently where the large and small intestine join they are held to the side with strong tissue. Mine had stretched and then snapped. This meant my bowel was free to swing into my abdomen, which caused the swelling. it had swung over and flipped into a knot. I had been concerned it was my llver causing the swellings. Thanked him for saving my life as fatal if it bursts. One less consultant for me so burden no greater to NHS lol. I havent had my eyes tested for years so your post has reminded me.My distance vision surprises people.

We would all prefer to be fit as a fiddle, but like me and so many members, you were a grafter. Our families have followed suit so what we now need was paid in for? Only glasses ever prescribed were for eye strain 36 years ago! Was working in artificial light which strains. I still wear them as readers. Do you not have any comeback on laser treatment? ope tests prove to be nothing to worry about for you, you have more than enough to deal with Hazelxx

Oh Hazel your bowel issue sounds awful but thank goodness you came out alive. My sister and neice are always making a fuss about every little niggle (a touch of. Munchhausens we suspect) where as I like you downplay symptom. Probably to our cost. Its the same with claiming ESA or PIP. We'd much rather be healthy and working hard for a decent salary than almost having to beg for benefits for and being treated like liars and scroungers by the likes of Esther mcvey. Its great news that your surgeon has discharged you. X

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I didn't know you could get free glasses with pip. We've just paid out Β£228.00 for mine!! Xxxx

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I didn't think pip or esa helps towards glasses. I'll Google it πŸ‘“πŸ€“

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Oh, yes, also opthalmic but still not as many as JoJo!! Xxxx

Google "glassesdirect" also look up discount codes and use them all before you place an order.

Vision Express charged over Β£600 for my super thin frameless variafocals, glasses direct charged under Β£100 for 2 pairs almost exactly the same and delivered in 3 days.

dont forget to use offer/discount codes and never pay full price.

for my spare pairs I picked Β£49 frames, free lenses (no added coatings) Β£30 discount voucher, buy one get one free voucher, free postage voucher.

Got 2 pairs for Β£19!

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