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Over worked consultant


I was diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis after a bowel cancer operation 4 years ago.

Since then I have been trying to find reason for this with zero success I am above average in fitness & eat a good diet

/I do suffer from terrible insomnia which causes me to feel awful / severely depressed I read online that this is often a side effect of cirrhosis

I had fibroscan 4 yrs ago which showed 22 the next was Sep 2018 which showed 44

I am still awaiting result of a) ultra sound scan in Dec 2018 & biopsy Jan4 2019

When I phone consultant secretary I usually get ansaphone, but actually spoke to not his but another secretary this morning

She said still awaiting for at least two weeks consultant to sign of letter re ultra sound

& no knowledge of report from Kings re biopsy.

I respect my consultant & realise the unacceptable pressures on his time however this delay doesn’t help my state of mind

It would appear that my local Royal Cornwall Hospital has 2 consultants in this field Derriford Plymouth has 6

Should I ask for transfer?

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Did you have the tests done at King's or your local hospital?

The test was carried out at local RCH but apparently then had to go to Kings for analysis

That's probably why it's taking a while I would give it a fortnight and if no luck then get in touch with pals they will help give a kick up the bum x



Have you tried going through the Patient Advice and Liaison team at the hospital to voice your concerns - it may be worth trying this route first. The hospital switchboard will be able to put you through to them.


JimmyJackson in reply to Trust5

Phoned them yesterday got the usual ansaphone, left message but no response so far

Trust5Administrator in reply to JimmyJackson

That is disappointing to say the least. Hopefully you will get a response soon - it must be extremely frustrating for you

Grank in reply to JimmyJackson

From my experience it is better to write than phone. I’m sorry to sound negative, but anyone can deny phonecalls.

Hi JimmyJackson.

I understand how frustrating and worrying it can be waiting on results. I had to wait 6mths for the results of my first biopsy but then only waited 4 weeks to get results of my second one, although they were carried out 2 years apart. Never knew why it took so long with the first but I just kept ringing the Consultants secretary second time around, so maybe that speeded things up. Hang on in there and hope you get answers soon.

It’s very frustrating waiting for the results - especially the RCH as they have fewer specialists. I’m sure once you get past the first few stages and should there turn out to be something major wrong with you I’d guess they will refer you to Derriford as, as far as I understand it, they are the regional centre of excellence for dealing with liver related issues. They also work directly with Kings and have a good working experence.

The team at Derriford are excellent - huge workload but they seem to manage very well and with good humour.

I guess if you don’t get an answer soon then ask either your GP or RCH to transfer you to Derriford - hopefully it’s not too far to travel for you.

Hi I am in exactly the same situation 😥. Nearly 2 years ago I was very poorly and was admitted to hoaitial and it was found on fibroscan I had chirossis as well. After discharge and go till before Christmas I was well but became unwell again. I had an ultrasound and was in fact told that he couldn’t see any sign of chirossis so sent me for MRI. Nearly 3 weeks on and lots of calls to my consultant I am still waiting. He and his secretary are on leave till Monday. I have been told report has been reported but have to wait.... Now I sit here waiting and worrying ?? Do I or don’t I have it? Worst of it all is I work for the NHS as well so knowing too much makes it worse. Hang in there and hope all goes well. Be great to hear how you go x

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