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Pain with fatty liver history

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Back in may i got diagnosed with a fatty liver after flagged up raised ALT levels. An ultrasound and specialist later and they said i had a fatty liver but the ALT in August is back to normal.

In November i had an unrelated operation called a septoplasty. They never mentioned any effects of taking anasthetic and other meds which was quite a lot, however by mid December this year i got bad pains in my liver area like before, i felt sick when i ate, bloated, ached up my liver area and still do now. It put me off eating for a bit as it was too painful. At the moment i have seen the doctor and done bloods but too much reading of symptoms has gor me a bit worried. I have a family and i dont fancy heading upstairs to early because i have a pathetic liver.

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None of us are medically trained, but my daughter needs the same op to help her breathing, hat trick of injuries, medicine ball on nose, walk into closed patio door, Full length playing cops and robbers, hands and feet tied up! She hates hospitals so still trying to convince her its worth it. You should have had a pre op and hopefully mentioned your liver concerns? If you don't drink thats one less concern. I too had fatty liver, now progressed to cirrhosis, but many people dont discover having it so early. I have been on a low carb diet,Keto, for 3 weeks. Told to do this by a Liver Prof. Even though cirrhosis is incurable he said i can still reduce liver fat. Expects to see me still around in 20 years! My bloods have all been normal. We all have different causes,stories and add ons. Have you had a fibroscan? Ask your GP to refer you to a liver specialist. You need reassuring and a definitive diagnosis. I know people must be sick of me going on about low carb diet, but I have lost a stone in 3 weeks! Joining this site has made me feel extremely lucky. I have admiration for everyone who stops drinking. The wives and husbands too who are their every step of the way. My daughter actually said as we left my appointment, If we match you can have half my liver, Her hubby said the exact same when she told him. I didnt even realise fibrosis was serious, until I applied for new holiday insurance. Stop worrying and take action. Take a friend or family member for support if need be. I have not drank for 15years, went off it after a virus. I was a sugar addict -Like alcohol I see it as one day at a time, but none in my home to even tempt me, plus I felt the Prof I saw threw down a gauntlet lol. Once you get off it the craving go. Hazelx

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So happy to hear you're feeling and doing better! Please don't apologize for sharing what works for you. Hopefully, it can help somebody else, too. That's what this board is here for.

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The doctor didnt seem to concerned, either because she is just like that or just not bothered. Just kept sating my liver ALT was fine in August like it was an answer. If it was fine in August and since then i ate less and barely drank at all then it worries me how its throbbing like its going to expload. Im hoping for an outside chance its nothing more than a viral inflammation or gallstone.

If the consultant recommended your daughter for that nise hope she should go for it. I had a complete crushed cartilage so couldnt breath from one side and had only a pin hole on other. It was like it for around 20 years. Combinatiom of football to the face, accidents and martial arts. Better breathing no matter the pain to get there is better than no breathing.

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