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The road to recovery

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Our waiting came to an end in November & my partner received his special gift. What a different Christmas we've had compared to the one I was preparing for! Transplant went very well, out of ICU within 24 hours & home on day 12!! Further recovery has been truly remarkable, already tinkering about with the car & chomping at the bit to get on with his new life! All signs of HE have completely gone & hand/eye coordination back - the 2 things he was really worried about being a practical man. Think of the donors loved ones every day & hope the special gifts we've all received has helped with their grieving.

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That's wonderful news. I hope he continues his rapid recovery and wishing you both a wonderful 2019. Deb

Incredible ❤

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So pleased for you both. Hope you have a great 2019. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Glad to hear this.

I hear a lot of tp patients recovering very quickly. Unfortunately my hubby had lots go wrong. He was in for nearly a month post op and things kept going wrong.was 3 years before all was it is 7 years post and liver is doing fine.still has issues that were caused to his body as unbeknown to him his liver had never worked properly from birth due to undiagnosed A1AD.

But we are coping.

Good luck to u both.

Amazing recovery, delighted for you both. Yes thoughts are with our donor families. All the best for 2019 and your continuing recovery. Pam xx

Thank you so much, I needed to hear some good news just now. I hope & pray that his recovery carries on without any drama's. Happy & Healthy new year to you both.


Thank you for all your good wishes. We are starting to think about our thank you letter to the donors loved ones, we were advised by the coordinator team to wait a few weeks to give them time to come to terms with their loss which seems sound advice. Does anyone have any experience, we're wondering how far the contact goes.

Also want to think about travel but health insurance could be an expensive problem so wondered if anyone knows of companies covering post transplant?

We feel so lucky that it has all gone so smoothly to date, the previous 14 months had been a nightmare of HE, SPB, ascites drains, hospital stays - but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know!

As a carer it has been strange to let go. He's in charge of his own recovery, managing meds, exercising, eating well etc so I'm redundant apart from chauferring to clinic for check ups until they clear him to drive! I gave up work last February but now feel it's time to consider what's next for me - new year, new job maybe! Chickens will be blessed daily & never counted, whatever future we make together has been a precious gift.

Advice on what happens with donor is difficult I had my transplant in March and sent the letter to the Donors Family 3 months later, and have not heard anything.

This could be because the transplant team dont think they are ready to receive it.

We both have them in our thoughts and remember them at special occasions and light candles, and have put up a small reminder so we see it every day.

It been a difficult thing to come to terms with.

My recover path has been very similar to yours, and it feels great to have my own life back.

One thing as a transplant recipient with a very caring helper, it gives me the most pleasure to release her to get on with her life and stop worrying.

So make 2019 your year to start your own recovery as well!


FANTASTIC. he can pop round my place I need a few things doing lol...

Live well and prosper.

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