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Christmas stocking gift

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Hello everyone

I hope the lull between Christmas and the New Year is giving everyone a rest from all that over-indulgence.

My grown up daughters gave me a lovely ‘stocking filler’ pressie. Some money to give to the charity of my choice. Not a lot just £20.

Difficult - I volunteer at a food bank twice a week, my mum spent her last days in a hospice bed, and my Dad has Alzheimer’s. However after a lot of thought I’m giving it to the British Liver Trust.

Isabelle 2

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That’s a lovely gift from your daughters and great of you to choose the British liver trust. I’m sure it will go to good use. Hope you have a lovely new year xx

Hi Isabelle2,

What a lovely thought!

You obviously raised a thoughtful and kind person.

Best wishes in the New Year,


what a lovely gesture thank you so much xx

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