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Hi everyone,

I’ve not been on much lately although I have been checking in every view days to see how you all are.

For anyone that might remember I had been having pain in the liver area for about 5 years. All bloods ok, a few ultrasounds were fine and a fibroscan of 6.4. Consultant assured me nothing wrong and blamed the pain on cartilage inflammation around the ribs.

The process scared me to death and I gave up alcohol and got fit (well fitter!) replacing shots with squats and lager with lunges!

Although the pain has been marginally better it is still there most of the time but over the last day or so started taking protein, creatine and vitamin supplements as I am do more heavy weight training.

Today the pain is back, so much so, that it woke me up in the night when I lay on my right side.

Is it possible 1 protein shake, 5g of creatine and a vitamin tablet could have caused the pain?

Thanks in advance and I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and New Year period. You guys helped me through a super stressful period of my life and you are all amazing!

All the best.

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I've been back in the gym since February following my transplant 2 years ago. I asked one of the consultants about supplements and was told protein is fine but I have to avoid creatine and anabolic steroids, not that I was ever wondering about taking steroids anyway. Obviously might be different for you since you haven't had a transplant. If you have a varied healthy diet, you don't even need the vitamin tablets, though it's unlikely to be doing any harm other than slimming you wallet 😉

Hope this helps


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Thanks KLDN and really happy for you and your new liver and the fact that you are working out - you look great.

So do you think it could have been the creatine I took then? It was only a tiny amount but maybe it is no good for the liver?

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I'm not sure mate. Creatine in small amounts shouldn't be harmful but if you have a damaged liver or some other condition going on, it might be. I would cut it out just to be on the safe side. The creatine that is, not the liver 😅

I would check with your gp, creatine is not good for your liver or kidneys and as you know can cause dehydration if your not drinking enough ... A lot of supplements in vitamin form you don't need if you have a healthy and varied diet ...

Glad all is well with you 😊

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