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Anyone having problem with infections?

I have no ascites, I am stage 4. I keep getting massive infections which have gone septic. I also have diverticulitis and continue getting colon infections, I was in ICU for a week due to a infection thet could not find. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

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Hi Memo and Welcome to this fantastic forum 😁

Your post has hit a nerve (or some other expression I can’t think of - brain fog!)

I am post tp.

Last Wednesday got taken into hospital with blood where it shouldn’t be! Doctor said it could be diverticulitis! Now on so called 2 week urgent review. Consultant Tuesday phew hehe one day inside the 2 weeks. We must we must meet our targets sayeth the NHS.

Had to go to Birmingham hospital today about other stomach pains and I’ve got to take antibiotics. Unlike the excellent Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham it took three consultant discussions and two ultrasound scans before this decision made. My own GP said there was an issue before the first QEHB visit and said he would give me antibiotics but said since I had had a tp at QEHB they were better deciding hmmm. 5 weeks of pain!

I have no idea if the liver wound pains and lower abdomen pains are related but!!

That’s all I can say really, memo, not much help. Sorry.



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I believe they are related, or at least the infections. I woke up this morning with infection in left eye, ugggg! Never did I have infections until I became stage 4. I was just very curious if others were dealing with this. My liver doctor does not think they are related, but I most defiantly do!

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