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help please


Hello I am new to this. I am classed as terminal but i get on with it. My husband who has been looking after me was in hospital about 5 weeks ago with liver failure. He spent nearly 2 and half weeks there. He is now home and life has been hard I have the support of family and friends. however he has turned from a loving husband into a nasty man this is not the person i married. He is on alot of medication but looks really tired. Does anyone know of where we can get any support from just to talk to about the effects. He is tired alot and I cannot do right for doing wrong. it dosen't help matters that i am also on chemo at present. i try my best. please can anyone advise anything

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Sorry to hear that you are having a torrid time, I had a sort of similar experience. Have they diagnosed Heptatic Encephalopathy? That would explain the personality issues. There is support out there, talk to your GP, you should get help from your local social services on the practical side. Have a look to see if there is a Liver Trust Group near to you? Also the hospital may have a support worker. Good luck, it’s difficult but stay positive!

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