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Life insurance (Update)


Around a year ago I wrote asking about taking out life insurance post transplant. Most insurance companies won't want anything to do with us due to being considered high risk from the transplant and medications that go with it.

I have however found a policy from MetLife

called MultiProtect which covers accidental death, injury, certain infections like Hepatitis B&C and some cancers. Obviously it won't cover any pre existing conditions. What's great about this particular provider is they don't ask any medical questions.

I'm just waiting for my insurance broker to sign me up, thought it would be something of interest for many on here who are struggling to get any cover like I have been for the past 2 years.

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Thank you for the info. My hubby and I have been looking for a suitable one for a while. Take care Lynne


Sounded really good until I checked only to find that you can only begin a policy between the ages of 18 - 60.

Sadly, at 64 not for me !


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Are you in the USA? Mutual of Omaha, colonial penn. they take ones in their 70, 80’s. Accidental life and dismemberment policies are available as well but they only cover actual accidents. Not medical diseases. My wife is an insurance agent in Seattle.


You can purchase guaranteed life policies from several insurance carriers. The amount is normally 10k max, sometimes 15 k. No questions asked! As for larger amounts of term life, whole life etc...they will do a physical and blood draw. Here in the USA some employers offer their employees group life insurance that is guaranteed no questions asked up to around 150k. If one wants a higher amt the physical and tests must be done. These guaranteed life policies are convertible. Say if you can no longer work you can take the policy with you. Normally it converts no questions asked into a one year term which is still affordable to self pay. Then it goes into a whole life product, still no questions asked, but the premiums are at that point usually not many can afford to pay each month. But as long as one is still working for the employer there are a lot of companies that have this provision.

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