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Positive airwaves surrounding me


Well hi all you people.

Tomorrow is the first step on learning the moment of truth for me and I intend to remain positive and celebrate with a nice cup of lemon and ginger tea hopefully

After my ultrasound last week I was referred to see a consultant this being my first ever meeting for me .This whole new journey is a first for me filled with uncertainty but hey ho have to remain positive when I read some of your personal stories and how positive and uplifting you all are All the best Ian

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Wishing you a really good outcome tomorrow. Alfred.

Wishing you well, and good luck.

You'll get used to the uncertainty, we all develop a coping mechanism for it, one way or the other, and doctors are usually well trained in how not to overwhelm you.

One step at a time, and give yourself time to adjust and adapt to things as they develop.


Good luck for tomorrow, hoping it will be good news for you. Deb

Hi there, I would suggest you take someone with you to remember things you don’t and get some questions ready good luck

Positive thoughts coming your way x


Sending positive thoughts.


Good luck and enjoy the ride! It’s a bit of a mystery trip but hopefully you’ll enjoy the destination 😁




wishing you well, i hope you have a good outcome.

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