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Liver Deterioration


Hi. Perhaps you can help me, if not give me pointer as to who can ?

I have serious liver problem with non alcohol Cirrhosis, which I was told 3 yrs ago was ‘contained’ . A fibre scan at that time showed 22, last month it was 44, so not good.

I am not overweight, no diabetes, blood tests up until now normal ( am awaiting a new test) & have always been above average fit.

I took amyltriptaline 10mg for many years, but currently take 15mg of Mirtazapine for insomnia/depression.

Also take Tamulosin 400mcg for lazy uric muscle (5yrs) & Xarelto 20mg for Atrial Fib (18 months). I also take 2mg magnesium nightly.

Can any of these current drugs cause the recent deterioration in my liver, which is becoming quite serious as my consultant seems at a loss to come up with an answer.

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What sort of specialist are you currently seeing? If he/she isn't a hepatologist then I would be requesting referral to see one a.s.a.p. There is a list of the UK's liver units and liver transplant units on the British Liver Trust website. Perhaps your current specialist or even your GP could make a referral to your nearest centre.

It's no good your current consultant not having a clue and all the while you are getting potentially ever more seriously poorly.

Have you ever had a liver biopsy to look at your liver on a cellular level to identify which specific bits are being damaged and how. There are a whole host of reasons why your liver might be damaged.

Push for a referral to an actual liver specialist. In writing if need be, that way a record of your request is in your medical file and is very hard to ignore.

All the best, Katie

Many thanks

I had to stop taking Mirtazapine because it was bad for my liver the same as Duloxetine. I have not noticed any really bad results from not taking them although I am very quick to anger. Duloxetine helped with pain I have really noticed not taking them.

Could I ask what if any pain tabs are you offered?

JimmyJackson in reply to Sillymo

Hi Many thanks for your info I take Mirtazapine for depression / Insomnia not pain, it has worked fine for those symptoms. Could I ask how you found out that It caused you liver problems, how long did you take it & did you suffer any withdrawal symptoms when you stopped

Best Wishes


I take Mirtazapine. My doctors at Kings College Hospital are quite happy me taking it.

JimmyJackson in reply to Paulwil

Many thanks very helpful

Amitriptyline is a nasty tablet but very necessary if you need to take it I would see your Dr and get them to look at your medication to see if there are any that can be weaned off or swapped for a less harmful one to your liver. It could have been a virus or your ammine system at fault. Take care.

I actually came off Amitriptyline about 5 years ago after taking it for about 15 years, the reason being that I ended up with severe throat / voice box problem caused through it ‘drying me out’. I also am convinced that it is the most likely culprit for my non alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

So anyone on it just beware that it isn’t good to take long term.

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