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Not so much a question

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I feel like my symptoms are creeping back. I'm feeling a little heated again and I seem to be retaining water again. The overwhelming exhaustion is back. I still have that faint pain below my right rib. It may even have increased. I go for some bloodwork on Mon. I feel like there's an underlying health issue causing my problem. I've changed most everything I can and I'm working yo change the things I haven't. No alcohol, sugar, salt or processed foods. Raw leafy greens everyday. Know more OTC meds except allergy. Tried to kick it but I can't. Planning to schedule allergy shots. Organic coconut oil over body lotion, henna hair dye. Cleaning with vinegar, lemon and water.

I have early liver fibrosis that I'm trying desperately to reverse. Feel like I'm getting worse...

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I have a question. Had hepatitis c 10 years ago got treated. Cured now wondering if I have cirrhosis. All liver functions test come back normal ct scan few years ago says liver appears normal. Now looking at blood work from years ago until now total wbc count is always high with high neutrophils and Low lymphocytes. Does that mean swollen spleen . Does swelling off spleen lower total amount of wbc count. And platelets.

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Does a swollen spleen lower total wbc count. Or what. Can’t find answers anyplace. Doctor said bacterial infection. But it’s been the same for 3 years.

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I don't have an answer. I can say that there were abnormalities in my bloodwork for 4 yrs that I was told were nothing. Even as I killed my self with exercise and ate extremely clean. I was blamed for my issues because they didn't believe me.

Google offered nothing concrete. Now that I know I have fibrosis, the bloodwork puzzle pieces make sense. And a lot of my symptoms were pointing to it. I was having pale stool and they kept saying I was fine.

All I can tell you is to keep researching what you suspect. Maybe try some medical books in a library, google doesn't have all the answers. Also keep pushing. Get second and third opinions.

I fear that the cause of my fibrosis was more than just my diet. The Metformin helped control my bloodsugar but I was still only prediabetic. Why should it be so bad? Are there other genetic reasons for this? Where else can I find answers?

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