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Elevated Creatinine and BUN


I have been worried for one year that I have Cirrhosis. My Creatinine is 1.4 and my BUN is 25. I do have an autoimmune disease of Sjgorens. I've been tested for PBC ( via blood) and it is negative as well as Ultrasound and Hida Scan. All came back clear. I also have AST/ALT inversion within normal range, 22 and 13 respectively. It has never been out of range . I have a history of heavy drinking for about 25 years and I stopped drinking 12 months ago. What concerns me is the elevated Creatinine. Is this a sign of liver disease with liver tests in range ? In other words, which comes first when you have liver disease ? My kidney doctor has not been forthcoming with alot of information. I know that if it is Cirrhosis, I would be in real trouble with elevated Creatinine that could result in HRS with a short time to live. My GI has said that my tests are normal, however, I know how much I drank and I know my body.

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Well, you have to stop beating yourself up. If actually had cirrhosis it would have showed up on the ultrasound. I'm not sure what the elevated creatine would mean but your other tests look good to me. Next go with how you are feeling. If you're feeling good, that might be a sign that you're okay. You had a big wake up call and the fact the creatine is elevated might mean you're liver is trying to recover. Although, I am not a doctor. Congrats for staying off the alchohol. You're doing good.


If your creatinine is raised and your livers scans and other results are clear, then this is more likely to be related to your kidneys rather than your liver. Given that it seems that Kidneys are commonly affected in Sjogrens then this seems a more likely cause. I think you mention that you are already seeing a kidney specialist so the likelihood is they will be monitoring you. If you have a creatinine value you'll probably also have an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) shown too. That is based on your creatinine level as well as other things. There's plenty of online calculators you can use to find out roughly what it is based on the results you have. Similar to liver disease, if your results are pretty stable the likelihood is they'll just keep monitoring it and any meds you have either for that or for your Sjogren's.

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