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Victoria Derbyshire programme, Fri 21 Sept. 'I gave birth, and got Hepatitis C'

I don’t know if there were many people who managed to see the Victoria Derbyshire programme last Friday. Here they covered a story of an NHS scandal concerning contaminated blood supplies. It raise this issue because some 38-years later, people who had received blood transfusions back then are now suffering with the Hepatitis C virus and their livers are now becoming cirrhotic. Sadly also, others have since passed away.

I have posted this link up just to raise awareness. This story can be read at: bbc.co.uk/news/health-45590203

Because I feel this programme is so important, I have edited a copy of this segment from the Victorian Derbyshire show, and have posted it up onto YouTube. I shall keep this item posted up and hope that there are no copy write issues:

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Firstly I don't have hepatitis c although for several years I've worried that I did. I had 2 blood transfusions during the caesarian section I had with my 3rd child in 1990. I have had spider naevie for a number of years and have asked at least 3 gp's if I should be tested for hep c. They all dismissed my concerns saying either it was due to the sun. 😕 or they just didn't know. One locum gp I saw in February this year said she had no idea what they were and referred me to a dermatologist ( I finally got an appointment for 1st October ) which I don't need. I told all the gp's about my blood transfusions and the contaminated blood issues pre 1991. When I read up on it it said that anyone who had blood transfusions pre 1991and had any symptoms of liver damage should be automatically tested. When I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in july I was terrified that I might have hep c and concerned that I may have passed it on. Thankfully I was negative for hep c and aids but worried that gp's were totally unaware of the necessity to test people who may be at risk.

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I'm really glad that you are all clear. I too really hate this attitude from some GP's that seem to say, "I'm a doctor and I'll decide what tests you'll have". A patient should have a test just to rule out the possibility and set a person's mind at rest.

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Mine was initiated by medical stupidity and stubbornness of one person, not negligence,

I want the Dr held to account but I don't agree with suing the NHS either.

I know that it's a separate insurance fund but it can only go up as more people sue.

To catch help c from childbirth transfusion is a real kick in the teeth for those women.

My heart goes out to them.

Rita cc


My husband caught Hep C from a transfusion, he wasn't aware until many years later, he was treated and is now free of it.


This is why I'm trying to highlight this as I feel that anyone who thinks that they maybe at risk should have it checked. It's better to find out now, before it becomes a problem.


When I was constantly asking different gp's about the possibility of my being infected by contaminated blood they all said that I would have shown symptoms many years ago. I did show symptoms..numerous spider naevie. But still they wouldn't listen to me.


Sadly I feel that this is yet another scandal. I believe that a person should be able to demand a test if they feel they maybe at risk. I have just written to Julie8 this morning, (sorry, I should have responded to you first). I would go back to your GP and demand a test. This is about your health and your concerns. If this test proves negative, then it's not a waste as you'll have peace of mind.

Good Luck



Well done. It was the first thing I asked for heo blood test when I suspected liver problems. My mum gave birth to me in 61 when blood was infected and she had had blood transfusions with the previous birth. Thankfully I’m clear but ended up diagnosed with cirrosis anyway.

So fight the good fight and inform people. Thank you.

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Thanks for your comments Julie, most welcome. I think there has been a huge cover-up over this scandle and I really hope that this ongoing enquiry gets to the bottom of what went wrong, and who was to blame. Sadly because of the delay in holding this enquiry, a lot of the paperwork has since been distroyed, lost or misplaced.

I think what is even more scandalous is that while this enquiry continues and more and more people are even now beginning to become concerned that they maybe infected, are being denied blood checks by some GP's. These doctors feel that had a person become infected, symtoms should have been highlighted by now. This of course is poppycock as some 25,000 people could be infected: telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/0...

If people do require a blood test, just for peace of mind if nothing else, then demand a Hepatitis C tests. If some are seeking help and support, then please contact: hepctrust.org.uk/informatio...

Best wishes to all


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