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Wife given 40% - 60% chance to survive the month


Hello. My name is Andy and my wife was taken to hospital last Thursday with Jaundice and Vomiting Blood. She is a relapsed alcoholic 61 years old with a history of cirrhosis.

She is very poorly and I was informed today that she has an acute liver failure and has a 40 to 60% chance of lasting the month. She is on a drip to rehydrate as well as antibiotics vitamin K and some other thing I've forgotten to help the blood clot to prevent further hemorrhaging.

Her Dr/Consultant is being advised by Kings Hospital London and she may be transferred. She had an endoscopy this evening so will know more tomorrow.

As you can imagine I'm worried senseless so have joined here to seek more knowledge and advice. In a bit of shock to be honest.. Had better Mondays.. Thanks for reading

Regards Andy

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Hi Andy, so sorry to hear this, but pleased you have come on here to share as the members really care and are a brilliant means of support and advice during difficult times like this. I hope things improve soon. Hope is stronger than fear is my motto for the month. Best wishes, and kind regards, navs 😍

Oh Andy

I’m so sorry about the hell you and your wife are living at the moment. I was lucky and was incredibly ill but was able to have a transplant. It wasn’t sure I would - so knew I would probably die. For my husband and kids it was hell. You must look after yourself so you can be strong for her. It sounds that the prognostic may be grim but if you can be positive she might also be. If she can make it through the next few weeks she must be strong and never drink again. I’ve heard the team at Kings are fantastic so she is fortunate to possibly be moving there.

Sending you both a big hug. Please let us know what happens

Isabelle xx

Thank you all for the kind words.. I will know more tomorrow. Her consultant is very good and understanding.. I'm a bit worried I'm not taking in everything he's telling me.. I'll talk again to him tomorrow.. @Navs.. I have an abundance of Hope.. Trying to stay positive but can see the situation unfolding and have no control. Thank you Isabelle2.. And Thank you Laura009.. Can anyone advise on a good liver cirrhosis helpline please just so I can call if I need more one 2 one support.. Thanks..

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Please feel free to ring the British Liver Trust helpine on 0800 652 7330 it's open from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday and you can speak to a liver nurse.

Hi Andy

So sorry you are going through so much. It's very distressing to see a loved one go through something like that. It's natural to see the 40-60% as the most dire situation. The odds are higher than I have seen with some so take heart from that.

Hopefully the endoscope will have shown the doctors a clearer idea of what's going on with her.

In the meantime remember that if you want to scream and rant about any or all of it then this is a good place for that. You can guarantee someone has gone through the same.

Rita xx

Hello, so sorry you are going through this! I went through a similar situation last Xmas. It's difficult to take in what they are saying due to shock, due to vocabulary we are not always familiar with and distress. I did really odd things like trying to pay bus driver with a bank card being one of many examples. She actually has a really good chance here and the odds are believe it or not quite good! My husbands chances where around 5% and he is still here. The doctors are amazing and they will do everything they can for your wife!

Keep your spirits up and try and get plenty of rest for yourself you will need it during this distressing time. A big hug to you and your wife. Xx

Hi Andy,

I can only imagine your despair but hopefully the gorgeous people on here can help you.

Don't lose hope, please eat & rest. Talk to your wife this isn't the time to be dancing around important subjects. Take a pen & paper to appointments ask them to repeat words/ spell words. They deal with this every day - we don't we're specialists in other fields.... yet to find what mine is?🤔...

Take care xx

I’m so sorry to hear that your wife is so unwell I really feel for you and your wife. Please let me know the results of the endoscopy. Kind regards, Wackie Jacqqui

I am 60 became I'll like your wife and my husband was in the same position as you , spent months in hospital and was not expected to survive, started to get organ failure. Horrey I'm still here , it's been a rocky ride sometimes but 8 years on we are celebrating our Ruby wedding anniversary this Saturday, your wife his in good hands but make sure you have some support. Best wishes my friend to you both.

I'm so sorry to hear your wife is so poorly. I too care for my husband who has a very rare liver disease so I totally understand as a carer how you are feeling. My husband was transferred to kings from our local hospital two years ago and has remained under their care as an outpatient ever since. Kings, in my opinion, have been amazing and have really looked after my husband, so if your wife is transferred there she will be in good hands.

Its good you have found this site as you will find you will get great support from it from people who understand what you and your wife are currently going through. Sending you both our thoughts.

Hi Andy, sorry to hear this about your wife, I went through something very similar with my husband about a month ago when he started vomiting blood and was admitted to hospital. For a loved one it is probably one of the scariest and upsetting things to witness and I too was pretty shocked by it. After his endoscopy they confirmed a Mallory-Weiss tear which is one of the signs of end stage liver disease. It's a lot to take in but I have joined this forum to talk to people who are living through the same situation as we are and to get sound advice so I'm better informed. It's good to know we are not alone and there is a support network to guide us through what is a distressing time for all concerned x

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