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Mini Setback


So I just had a mini setback. I went to the bathroom and my stool was pale yellow. That's what was happening for the past 4 years when I was undiagnosed. When I kept googling it and it always led back to liver or pancreas. After I was diagnosed I drastically changed my diet and have maintained those changes. And my stool has been normal. Up until now.

I guess maybe I sound paranoid. But I'm just very upset because my lifestyle choices weren't bad to begin with. And yes, improvements were needed but many people have much worse habits and done get liver fibrosis. I'm concerned that it's either caused by something still undiagnosed or something else like my pancreas. My uncle died of pancreatic cancer at age 62. I'm 54.

If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions as to what else I can be tested for anything at all I would really appreciate it. I feel angry that it took so long to get an initial diagnosis and I had go from doctor to doctor and they kept telling me I was healthy. I don't want to wait another 4 years to find out something else that maybe could have been treated earlier before anymore damage.


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It might be a one off, stool colour does vary widely. Sometimes its to do with what you've eaten. When was your last set of blood tests done? It might be worth getting your LFT's done just to see if there is any changes.


Lara86 in reply to AyrshireK

My blood tests are due in maybe another month or so. I eat the same thing everyday. Always romain and baby spinach, spring greens, grilled chicken fresh tomatoes olive oil, apple cider vinegar , sunflower seeds , fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Very little variety. Which is why I'm concerned. If it I had eaten something processed or unhealthy I'd expect it. So that's why I'm scared.

Hi Lara, i get pale yellow stools lately myself. I was diagnosed last year of Gallstones. Maybe you have gallstones also? Nothing seen in your pancreas and gallbladder? May i ask how did they diagnosed you for fibrosis? From what test?

Lara86 in reply to J3ff24

Ultrasound, CT scan and fibroscan.

They also used a formula of triglycerides, FBS, BP, BMI, age weight etc. I have a liver specialist form My Sinai in NYC.

J3ff24 in reply to Lara86

it could be gallstones i suspect. I asked about it to my practitioner and she was not worried about it. She said yellow stools are normal. If it’s black, bloody then it is something to get checked out fast. I read White or clay colored stools signifies problem in your pancreas and liver. What are your symptoms before you were diagnosed?

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