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d, kimberly still MIA?


Hello friends, ì have tried to find out previously with no results, but thought i would try one last time, does anyone know what happened to Kim, American d,kimberly please?. Especially worried now after what happened to Chelle, would just like to know she,s o.k, I think she was under 1Addensbrook. Have p.m with no response and am really worried now, i,d just like to be told if she is o.k. thanks guys. MB.

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Was her last post about going to Addenbrooks after receiving the call?

This is really sad, I haven't been around for sometime, but when I was both Kimberly and Chelle were an important part of this community.

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Hi thanks for replying Joe. Yes, the last i heard she was enroute for transplant but have heard nothing since, no updates, nothing. I have pm her with no response which is unusual as she always replied before. Only she was extremely ill Rodeo which is why she rarely posted last year. I followed her story for so long and am very concerned now, only want to know she is o.k . Lets hope someone can tell us? cheers. x☺

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