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Checking In

Good day

I haven't posted lately so I wanted to check in. Quick back story was a heavy drinker for 15 years quit cold turkey just because I wanted to be a better dad to my young kids. Came clean to my family doctor about my drinking history and he ordered an ultrasound and blood work. Blood work was ok but ultrasound was questionable so went to a specialist and got a fibroscan which showed a 6.3 kpa not terrible but not great either.

I'm now 9 months sober and feel good have lost weight and am probably in the best shape of my adult life. I just want people who are stuggling with sobriety to know it's possible to stay clean but its not easy. I'm not going to say I feel great being sober and all is perfect it's not I have had to change my whole life all my routines involved drinking now it's all different. The boredom is the worst I need to fill my drinking time with other things and I have not been very sucsessful with that yet. Anyway this is a realistic look at sobriety you want it to be wonderful and feel amazing but it's hard work and a struggle most of the time.

Good luck to all who are stuggling and thank you to all who are suffering with liver disease who take the time to help all of us on this site I'm truly greatfull to have found you all. I intend to make the most of my new found sober life

Truly Boone

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Well done!!

As for filling your spare time.... do you work? Could you do some voluntary work for a relevant charity maybe?

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Thanks for the reply yes I do work that takes a lot of my time I guess saying I'm board might have come across wrong . I really enjoy my kids and they keep me busy but it's my evenings when the family is sleeping that is when I did most of my heavy drinking. I'm a shift worker so my sleep pattern is off anyway so now at night I find myself lost as to what to do. But I'm defiantly not drinking that I'm sure of.

Take care


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Me too...past drinker and haven't for 10 years about. I drink lemon water...hand to mouth satisfying and the sugar and tart of the gallons of beer I drank.

This is a great group of folks so you have made a good choice to bounce things off.

When I quit smoking I played computer pinball when I felt like smoking. 18 years away from that too.

The biggest thing with all of us drinkers, smokers and probably drug user is self worth...we don't or didn't have it. I volunteer, am on public boards and find my self worth has gone skyward.

Just yourself Boone.

Thank you for sharing your story boone84. I am nearly 6months sober and feel better than I've ever done. Good luck on your journey.

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6 months is awesome I know that's when I started feeling a bit better and really not thinking about drinking as much it only will get easier. Thank you for your reply and good luck moving forward I'll be thinking of you



Brilliant post and so well deserved for you.

Fantastc boone84.

You should be so very proud! .Thank you for sharing with us ..keep up the good work. Best wishes. Linda.

Great Boone I was in the same boat..I was lucky because i got back into music,apart from my kids of course.Now i'm Gigging again all over the place and writing songs once more...You ever thought of learning an instrument ? It's never too late !! Anyway well done !!

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Congrats on your recovery and your musical caree that is awesome. I've never had any sort of musical ability so I think I'm out on that front. Good luck and thanks for your reply



Good Boone I have alcohol cirrhosis and been clean since 2015 and still counting. Good luck Boone keep up the great work and God bless you

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I hope your doing as well as can be and great job on being sober it's not easy that I know I'm just greatfull to have found this site it's defiantly inspiration to stay clean

Thanks and take care


Have you had a rescan?

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Well the fibroscan was the follow up to the ultrasound and my doctor said the 6.3 was in normal range be it high normal so as far as scans go that's what I've had. I'm going forward and taking this as a warning and am more than thankful to have gotten one

Take care


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