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not sure what to think!!!!


hi guys was wandering if anyone else in the group can give me some info

my son was diagnosed with none alcoholic fatty liver disease on is ultra sound

they also found a 6inc part of his liver that is abnormal ( which in its self is very frightening!!! ) apart from his liver emzymes been high we were told all other bloods came back ok by the nurse, only to find out 2 week later by my sons gp that his A.N.A levels are also up, does anyone have any idea what all that means or has had the same results, not sure at all what my sons now looking at health ways as info from his gp was not forth coming, and going on line to look for some answers is quite scary and more confusing.

any info would be great guys in helping us understand a bit about whats going on :)

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Has any follow up been arranged? Has your son been referred to a specialist? Positive ANA isn't a liver test but a test to establish whether their might be some auto-immune issue going on. Really your son needs some follow up. I presume as they've plumped for non-alcohol related fatty liver that your son is a non-drinker (sorry don't know his age from your post).

I would want this issue followed up, preferably by a hospital specialist. To establish (a) what's the abnormal bit of the liver? Is it just fatty change that they've idenfied? and (b) has he got an auto-immune illness affecting either his liver or other parts of the body? (c) does he need a liver biopsy to shed light on the diagnosis - NAFLD can be reversed with lifestyle changes if he is over weight, diabetic, eating too much processed foods, fats, sugars, salt or fizzy drinks and perhaps increasing exercise BUT if it's an auto-immune issue then there might need to be a medicine based treatment regime put in place.

It sounds like positive news if his liver function tests are all normal - but also a bit puzzling, if he has NAFLD or an ongoing auto-immune condition you'd expect them perhaps to be elevated.

You need to ask (politely) for a referral to a consultant (preferrably a hepatologist but gastroenterologist minimum) .

A lot of unanswered questions at this stage. Is your son showing symptoms that led to this testing?


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thanks for the reply yes hes waiting to see a liver specialist not up till end of month

yes sorry hun his liver test shows his ALT is double what it should be and also his GGT is also double. and as said his ANA is up to, he is 32 years old and over weight never drank in his life never exercised before was never a healthy eater at all, but has from now hes lost a stone and half in past 7 weeks and is going to the gym 3 days a week to loose the weight

it was just a cholesterol test i asked him to get from the docs or we would have never knowing there was a problem at all, and was not showing any symptoms at all that was anything wrong with his liver for us its just very scary when you go on some sights to try and find some info or answers as i dont have a clue, as for my part for me im thinking the worst

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Have you had a look at the BLT page on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease - it has good pointers on the condition. It sounds like he's taken on board the concerns and is doing all the right things so fingers crossed he can turn this around. I would still want them to explore why he has an elevated auto-immune marker too.

NAFLD page is at -

Wishing you both all the very best, Katie

mareck in reply to AyrshireK

Aww thank you so much for your help i will make sure i find out all there is to know

thanks again


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