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I think my husband is in liver failure

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Hi I'm looking for some help, I think my husband is in liver failure,

He's always been a heavy drinking and the last couple of years has been drinking more, between 8-12 beers a day, the last couple of weeks he's also been drinking vodka along side.. on Monday he drank 12 beers and a whole bottle of vodka and has been getting pain on his right upper abdomen under his ribs, very tender to touch as well a a painful dull ache which worsens by moving, coughing and laughing, on Friday night he drank 10 beers that I know off but could of been more as he hides it alot, well he also decided to take a over dose, he took 40 tablets of codiene paracetamol mix along side the alcohol, he refuses to seek medical attention, I managed to make him sick after the tablets but he's still continously being sick 24 hours later, the vomit is a light red colour but had also been sick twice with coffee granule sick, his pain in his rib has got alot worse, he's tired constantly, he won't eat, hasn't had anything to eat at all in a week, he's had the shakes too, in the last 24 hours since the overdose he can't keep any fluids down what do ever either, I'm so worried but he won't let me call for help, I'm so scared he's in liver failure and don't know what to do, he's only 31 too, any advice would be hugely appreciated, thank you

31 Replies
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Hi you really need to call the Emergency services, I can't imagine how hard this is for you but besides all the alcohol and overdose you really should call 999 regardless of what he says, sending strength and hugs, xx

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Sorry but if you don't seek some help asap. I fear the worst. Just ring 999 and get an ambulance. I'm not going to sugar coat it. He will die. It's fxxxin painful liver failure tell him.

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Hi there, as Tia2021 said you have to call the Emergency services.

I was in a similar situation this summer - my husband was very ill but he wouldn't admit it and wouldn't accept help. I called for an ambulance but unfortunately he refused to go to hospital for tests so we only wasted the emergency services time! I week later I got very worried and called for an ambulance again - this time he got scared and agreed to go to hospital. He stayed in hospital for two weeks for emergency alcohol detox as he was in liver failure xx

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BetulaT in reply to BetulaT

Forgot to say, my husband's symptoms did not include coffee granule sick - this is a red flag symptom and you shouldn't waste time. Call an ambulance now xx

You must get help now, you can't be responsible and cope with such a terrible situation. My heart really goes out to you. X

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Call an ambulance. He needs help quick. It won't get better on its own. My partner was always reluctant to seek help but I had to make the decision in the end. Call now if you haven't already. Sending you love, light and strength to get through this, K x

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Keiralouise, this is serious!! .. just call 999 now !!! .. I don't need to say anymore than that .Please please x x

I hope you have already had him admitted. Paracetamol is extremely toxic to the liver in large doses, he needs immediate medical attention even if he vomited and may currently appear ok. He can be kept in a psychiatric ward or facility to prevent him discharging himself as he is a danger to himself. But he MUST go to hospital regardless of what he says.

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Hello I really feel for you. But like everyone has said you need to get him help before anything worse happens. Take care and thinking of you xx

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Please call 999 immediately and explain everything that has happened so they know the urgency. Please update us, we're all every concerned. X

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I was on deaths door and I came out of the other side. It's a no brainer. Just hope you are on a detox right now with some nutrients on a a drip. Get you in some shape for tests. Giving you some love to help you both.❤️Danny

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Please ring 999. It’s crucial he gets urgent medical attention.

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I hope you have taken the others advice and made him get help! He is very ill and any overdose is very serious! Paracetamol alone can cause all sorts of damage!

Please also think of yourself and if you have kids and family! 🙏💜

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Hi I know the old saying you can lead a horse to water but like everyone has said this is serious you will lose him if you don’t call, good luck 💕Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Keiralouiseex - you need to seek emergency medical attention for your husband. Your husband could be very unwell, please phone 999.If he refused to go with the ambulance crew then that is his right, but hopefully he shall allow them to assess him at the very least.

Please take care,


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Call an ambulance. He needs medical treatment now! Dont ask his permission just do it.

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Thank you for every ones response, its helped me make him realise he needs medical assistance, we are now at the hospital and will update you all shortly

in reply to Keiralouiseex

Keiralouiseex, I am so pleased to hear that you are at the hospital and please tell your husband that we are thinking of him. Keep us posted and take care, Trust10 x

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Millie09 in reply to Keiralouiseex

That's great news !! please take care and best wishes x

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Please keep us all in the loop. He really is in the best place now and, hopefully, he will take very seriously what the Consultant says to him. It's not too late I'm sure - have a brighter 2022 and may the sun shine on you all. Sincere thoughts. x


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The best thing you have a ever done. This is the first step. Be prepared and be honest with the doctors. This will be hard but you can do all the medical side with the hospital (concentrate on that) then chat with the people on the forum. We are always here to help.Good luck 🤞 fight back and let the treatment do it's job.

Danny x

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My experience is that emergency services will not take him in an ambulance if he appears capable of stating his decision to get help or be left. No one can force him.I'm not sure where things are in your day now but if no progress pull on his heart strings....who and whatever he loves. He can't let them down.

This is not a blip. That rib pain is his liver. He will die a painful death. Its a horrible fact. His drinking days are over and he is too young to do this to himself. He has choices.

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We've been seen and now aloud home, they ran bloods which came back all clear, they said his liver function is good- I have no idea how! Liver of steal I guess, they've said medically he's OK, but he's been referred to the mental health team and to the alcoholic specialist, so fingers crossed he's on the right path now, he feels abit silly and embarrassed but it's a huge learning curve for him, thank you all so much for your support ❤

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Jebediah454 in reply to Keiralouiseex

Did you tell them about the paracetamol/codeine overdose? how did they take that? 40 tabs of paracetamol is enough to put you well into acute liver failure.

IF he truly is fine after all of that... he needs to be studied for science. Obviously I am glad for you that he is safe, but wow, just wow.

Please please please seek him the help that he requires, get him off this train because its a 1 way destination with a no return ticket, the longer he stays on it, the worse the stops become

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Keiralouiseex in reply to Jebediah454

I said the exact date thing, the doctor was also surprised everything came back clear, he's still in alot of pain but pretty much unscathed, he's got follow up appointment with his gp today to discuss his mental health and hopefully get him on the right track 🤞🏼

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Jebediah454 in reply to Keiralouiseex

He will probably need a medically assisted detox if you were to get him off the alcohol, that could be a challenge.

I sincerely hope that you and your partner can get through this, there is far more to life than alcohol, a happy life together is one. Please keep us posted on your progress and stick around this forum, this forum is full of the partners of people who are struggling who come here for support and help, if you ever feel the need for a shoulder to cry on, there are hundreds here for you.

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So glad he is well enough to be back home. Its a short sharp shock as to how horrifying and desperate adiction can be for some. All the best to you both on the long journey ahead. I hope he will get the help and support he needs. Take care of yourself tooXx

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He will now feel he is Superman and will think he can continue to drink like he did before. He got lucky this time.

The next time? Well probably something like Hepatitis, he may go into Kidney failure or a conditions called hepatorenal syndrome too as his kidneys try take on some of the livers load. Acute hepatorenal syndrome itself is a toss of a coin if you survive.

Let's say it keeps snowballing. His liver will start to no longer be able to do what it needs to keep him alive and he will be in what you initially thought he had - acute liver failure. This is where things start to get real. The blood won't just be in his vomit, but out the other end too. And it will start flowing faster so he will end up sitting in his own filth and blood. They will try replace his blood but that opens up him going into shock. Then his mind will go. Other organs will start to shut down. Pain will be horrendous. His loved ones will be looking on in agony. Now we are probably at the point of no return. They wont give him a new liver.

If he survives, he has now drastically cut his lifespan. Any hope of his getting a new liver will depend on him stopping drinking - which judging from the above will be the hardest thing he has ever had to do. He may have to give up lots of other things he used to enjoy, which the little thing in his head he has will say drink will make him feel better from the feeling of depression. Back to square one - unless willing to put the effort required in. Worst case, he needs care and his brain slowly declines until he is but a shell.

Death from acute liver failure is not dignified. It is not pleasant for anyone. He needs help. But here is the thing that causes so many to fail. You can offer him all the help in the world. If he doesn't want to save himself, no one can. And I don't mean save in some spiritual or cloud and rainbow way. I mean it by saving his life. As if he carries on doing it all he will be doing is commiting suicide, slowly.

Sorry for the blunt post. But it's now time to be blunt. He will die if he doesn't pull his finger out - he is not special.

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Margolia in reply to Ubwa

I have exact same thoughts. This was not a cold shower for him at all as based on the post he feels "embarrassed" after it, not scared. It, unfortunately, would most probably lead him to conclusion and reassurance that he can continue with what he was doing. 👎

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I hope you are able to go into the Doctor's Room with him - I would insist upon it. As I am sure you know, the majority of people with Alcohol problems wiill lie through their "back teeth" and always blame something else for their drinking. He really does need to be honest with the Doctor and himself. Now is the time and his chance to put his life in order and yours. Best of luck and keep the very suportive members up to date. Take care both of you. x

Hi Keiralouiseex - you've had a tough weekend! If you would like to talk things through, our nurse led helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330. Trust10

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