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Not sure if linked to liver... Help!!


I've posted previously about liver issues but won't go too much into it, I've had MRI 's and have another consultation next Thursday (14/4/16) as my enzymes/gamma is coming back high. I had something strange happen yesterday and don't know if it's linked....

Last night I got out the bath, a very normal temperature bath, and I suddenly had a pain in my leg. It was right by my knee a sharp sudden achey pain and it really hurt. I saw a lump but when I looked closer it was a vein that looked as if it was about to pop out, was only about 3/4cm long but it felt like it was on fire. This morning it still hurts and has now bruised. Does anyone know what this could be and if it's linked? Thank you x

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Im not sure if its Liver related, I havent heard of people with late Cirrhosis with this issue though.

Although from what you have said I think  perhaps get yourself checked out, this is not normal, it sound rather like a blood clot or something.

tay94 in reply to Hidden

Okay would be the weekend wouldn't it! Just my luck, thank you 

Doens't sound liver related but does perhaps sound like a varicose vein which may have bled, my hubbies dad had one burst whilst he was in the bath though his bled out where it sounds like yours may have burst under the skin, hence the bruise.

Worth getting checked out at A & E - don't know whether you've had a platelet test or INR test to say what your blood clotting is like. 

I wouldn't wait, a blood clot or a burst varicose vein both would need checking out.


tay94 in reply to AyrshireK

Oh okay, the bruise isn't that big or growing or does that not factor in to it? Thank you for the reply! :) x

tay94 in reply to AyrshireK

Phoned 111 and they said contact my doctor Monday! X 

White-feather in reply to tay94


I went to the Dr this week with exactly the same pain but it was on my shin. I was convinced it was my bones, so painful. Dr examined it and highlighted a small varicose vein. My Dr didn't link it to my cirrhosis. He pescribed me Ibuprofen gel. Don't worry. Get it confirmed with your Dr and let us know.


tay94 in reply to White-feather

Glad it's nothing serious! I will do thank you :)

Sorry to bother you but have you got cirrhosis?  Because if so your doctor should not be prescribing you ibuprofen at all not even the gel.

You are right, thank you. I haven't used any fortunately.

Thanks again x

No problem x 

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