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thankyou to everyone on here for your support and advice 1 year and a half abstinence has eradicated my hepatic liver. Bloods are perfect apart from phosphate was a tiny bit under which has been addressed I no longer have to see hepatololigist or the liver dr as bloods and scans are squeaky clean just a yearly blood test at GP. Ive been blessed with a second chance at life im over the moon for me my daughter my partner and the bump (2months left woo!) cant thank people on here enough

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Fantastic James.. well done on stopping the drink. 😀. I wish you all the very best.

james_92 in reply to Millie09

Thanks Millie no stopping me now lol

Millie09 in reply to james_92

Hehe.. go for it .😁


Way to go James,

It so nice to get some good feedback. Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your life.

Try not to dwell and look back on your past. Look to the future and embrace it. Try to become an inspiration to others, as kicking the habit isn't easy, but we are living proof that it can be done, so there's hope for everyone. Not just the people with the problem, but those silent people who stand by us and support us through our journey of recovery.

Well done, to both you and your partner.

Best Regards


james_92 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou Richard top man if and when i get asked the question how? ill start by telling people get a support network and get on HealthUnlocked and have a chat with Richard64 encyclopaedia of knowledge and wisdom. ATB

Wonderful news James. All the very best to you and your family for a long and happy future. 😊

Thankyou Winnie:)

Fantastic let’s hope that’s me in 18 months. Not yet diagnosed but but probably fatty liver. Well done!

james_92 in reply to Carper1

believe it then receive it :) ATB

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