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Shocked, scared and emotional

I was admitted to York last Monday for an abdomen drain. Should have been here 1 night but still here as sodium levels are really low and they believe my liver could be failing fast. Being kept in until the end of the week then transferred to Leeds for transplant assessment. I was actually told yesterday and today that I was being discharged that day.

Emotions are in bits but not because of what’s happening to me but because of the strain it’s putting on my family as my mum has ms.

Hope you are all keeping well


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Hi Craig,

Sorry your drain didn't exactly go as planned and the stay has become slightly longer than expected.

Looking at the positive, you were going to Leeds anyway so this way you get to make the journey in an ambulance.

Try to not get too worried or upset, the team at both ends will keep you safe and as well as possible in the circumstances.

I'm sure that your family will have already been preparing themselves for the assessment and the possibility of a transplant for some time now. So try to not let that get you down too much, they will not want that for you.

My own experience was that in the background my family were supporting each other and keeping me unaware of their problems. If it hasn't already happened, introduce them to this forum and the British Liver Trust. Sometimes knowledge and understanding helps to come to terms with what is happening. This forum is for all affected by the disease and not just the individual with the condition.

In the meantime, hope you can get a good nights sleep which we all know, is not easy in a hospital bed.

Take care,

Jim (and Lucy)


Hi Jim and Lucy, thanks for your reply and sorry it’s so delayed. It’s been a chaotic 48 hours. I’m now in Leeds on ward j83 and starting to have various discussions etc.

Most of my tests were done in York so only need to do ECG and bike test.

I have a really supportive family and you are right they will be supporting each other in the background. I just know it is really affecting my mum though.

Thanks again


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