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HBV Cirrhosis 9 months: HCC

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So, it's been 9 months since my father was diagnosed with HBV related cirrhosis.

Today, we went for ultrasound of abdomen and the results show that he has single lesion of 63mm on the right lobe of his liver.

AFP was measured and it is 28ng/ml.

Our liver specialist prescribed for CT scan. We will be getting our results on Monday.

I have read an article today which says that ultrasound may not be conclusive for HCC. The article reads that sometimes the fissures (on the right love of liver) could be confused for lesions.

I'm really hoping that these are fissures and not a lesson.

Any expert opinions and personal experiences are welcome.

Thank you.

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Thinking of you as I'm still in limbo just to let u no your not alone

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Anantk in reply to Faithfull

Thank you.

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Hidden in reply to Anantk

Thinking of you. Take care Lynne

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Anantk in reply to Hidden

Thank you Lynne

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You are welcome

Further imaging is normal in these circumstances and aids in helping diagnosis. They can be more sure of things like the blood supply and siting of any tumours, whether benign or malignant by doing a CAT scan. Good luck , I know it must be a very stressful time. X X

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Anantk in reply to Bermuda1

Thank you Bermuda.

Just wishing it comes out negative.

My son was transplanted 6 weeks ago and even then they were only 90% sure his lesion was a HCC. As it was quite large they thought transplant was the best option and we received the results yesterday and it was confirmed as HCC. I wonder if they are difficult to diagnose? They said my son’s was difficult as he had no normal liver tissue to compare the biopsy to.

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Anantk in reply to Danisleigh

I'm sorry to hear this. How old is your son? Were any lesions detected in ultrasound? If yes, what was the size?

Also check for markers like AFP & DCP blood tests.

Wishing him a good health and lots of courage to you.

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Danisleigh in reply to Anantk

He is 16. The lesion was discovered in 2015 and was deemed to be fatty tissue but last year on ultrasound a small area of it had changed density hence the biopsy which still wasn’t conclusive, AFP was normal.

The lesion was 6.5cm in total but only a small area of it was cancerous, obviously it would have spread without his transplant.

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Anantk in reply to Danisleigh

I understand how you must be feeling.

What line of treatment is given to him? Resection or chemo?

I really wish him healthy life.

I have sent my dad in for his CT a couple of minutes ago. The thoughts that pass through mind are heartening.

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Danisleigh in reply to Anantk

They couldn’t resection as the size meant his liver wouldn’t cope. He was due to have TACE to keep the tumour within limits but luckily he had a very short wait for his transplant. I wish you Dad all the best xx

I have had hcc on three tumors diagnosed with biopsy' and MRI's for two years they successfully removed the one on the right side with a tace procedure I was lucky to have no side affects. They tried two ablations with microwave radiation on the left side no luck there... so I am going on Nexavar the only good thing about Hcc is it is no Metastatic but they keep an eye on it spreading to your lungs Best of luck to your Father and some of is best therapy is from you you are not alone keep your chin up...

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Anantk in reply to soleman08753

Thank you soleman, good to hear your recovery story.

Wish you a good health.

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