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Alt fluctuation

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Hi everyone, I just wanted some possible advice, the end of November I went into hospital with a rapid heart rate, I had bloods done and my ALT alone came back elevated at 135 I had repeats done in December again ALT alone came back at 83 so lowered, another blood test in January revealed that my ALT had gone back up this time at 155 then back down in February 2 weeks after to 99, iv seen my doctor and she’s confused to why they have fluctuated.

I am a bit nervous about everything as I’m confused to the fluctuation, has anyone had this experience? all of the other blood results were in the normal range only ALT has been jumping round. Thank you :)

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My ALT has fluctuated more than 60 points over the last two years (similar to you). Doctors were never concerned about the movement (but obviously we liked seeing lower). Like any test (red blood cell, hemoglobin, etc), there are a ton of factors that come into play at any moment in time. I think overall trends / averages probably mean more. I think your doctor would worry more if you'd had four tests and the results came back 83, 99, 135, 155... showing a steady increase.

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Oh gosh, how come it took 2 years for them to do something? yeah I definitely get what you mean, I’m just concerned as I think I’m having twinges in my right side every now and again(my doctor knows) and I’m worried they’ll leave it too long :/ you have a very rare diagnosis don’t you? I want treatment early if there is something going on, if you know what I mean

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In my case, the elevated LFTs didn't accompany any other abnormal bloodwork. All signs of actual liver function were (and continue) to be perfectly fine. It was after they stayed elevated for a total of 5 years that they did a biopsy that indicated a rather obscure diagnosis. That was the cause of the elevated LFTs. But the diagnosis actually has no treatment and the liver often times continues to function perfectly normally (as has been my case).

It's also possible that some people have naturally elevated levels for almost all types of blood tests (that is, any test with a range... not something that's evaluated as positive/negative). You have to remember that all of these numbers are established based on large populations of individuals. But 'normal' for a given individual can be at the low or high end of ranges (and some individual outliers may be out of the 'normal' range).

As for pain, I know that I became hypersensitive to every twinge, tweak and pinch I felt anywhere in my abdomen once the doctors started to express any concern about the lab results. In retrospect, I realize a LOT of that was the result of stress.

That’s the same with me, so far all of my other bloods are completely fine, ooooh right I see 5 years is a long time, oh that’s a positive at least!

Yes I could see why it could be stress, I’m am stressing about it to be honest, it’s just a bit of a scary process I suppose but I do know exactly what you’re saying, thank you :)

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