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Weight loss finally

I was 105 kg and now I’m 99 kg. Doc put me on max wee wee tabs. I was lying in bed the other day and screamed out to Grant (the better half) he got worried and said what’s wrong. I screamed out “what’s that?” He said back that it was my dickedy. I’ve not seen it for months lol. I now watch my liquid intake (1.25 litres”) and have 2 meals a day. My legs look normal again and my face doesn’t look like a beach ball. Only early days yet. Will cut down on the wee wee tabs when I lose more weight. Had a blood test to make sure my insides are ok with the tabs. Some sort of heart test next week to see if I have heart failure or not. I’m walking about 500 metres a day now. Not much I know but we all have to start again somewhere.



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Congrats on the weight loss and wishing you the best. It's great that your up and exercising Even a short walk is good I'm sure your be able to build up to longer walks in a short time. Keep it up.

Take care


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It’s always one step forward and 2 steps back lol

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Your humour is great...I actually laughed for the first time after looking at various liver sites and feeling pretty fed up.. though necessary for info I realise, sometimes there has to be light relief. Take care


Thanks for that Oscardog.


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